Friday, September 21, 2012

Return of the Sternguard

My games with the Executioners in 6th Edition have taught me a couple things about Sternguard. First, they're an excellent unit, able to deal with almost any threat due to their Special Issue Ammunition. Second, they now work very well on foot and don't need a Rhino. This means that the heavy flamers I have modeled on my Sternguard aren't too useful. I need weapons with more range. Because I want the squad to stay flexible, I decided to switch the heavy flamers for plasma guns. Using the points saved by not having Rhinos, I can add a couple extra members to the squads.

Based on these ideas, here are the new additions to Sternguard squad Niord.

And the additions to Sternguard squad Cronnacht.

Obviously, I didn't get more Forgeword marines to fill out the Sternguard. I would have liked to, but I just don't have the cash at the moment. I used helmets either from converted Chaos Warriors or MaxMinis Steam Knight range to set these guys apart. That, combined with their distinctive paint scheme, sets them off from the rest of my army and makes sure they look right when combined with my Forgeworld veterans.


  1. with the special issue ammunition, it may be wise to drop the 2 plasma guns. you can fit in 4 combi-plasmas for the same price, and you can chew through the terminators when you need to. otherwise, spam hellfire rounds from 24in away with the bolter portion and save the underslung plasma for when you need it most. besides, i think we all hate the idea of losing a sternguard to a overheated plasma shot. on the other hand, you could always ally with you BA to put a librarian with prescience FTW.

  2. I thought about sticking with combi-plasmas, but plasma guns seem to complement the bolters really well. S7 AP2 is just better than any of the rounds, even with the risk, and I should be firing them most rounds since they can move and fire at full range.

    On a logistical note, I've tried making combi-plasmas and they're way harder to make look good than combi-meltas or flamers. I would like to make some combi-plasmas, but for the moment I haven't found a good way to do it.

    1. i've seen people use plasma pistols as the under-slung piece rather than the larger plasma gun.


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