Monday, September 17, 2012

Movies of Interest

Though it's not my usual MO, I wanted to draw everyone's attention to two movies that are being released soon. Both of them are based on properties that have inspired my wargaming.

The first, and most well-publicized, is Dredd 3D. Dredd is based on the Judge Dredd comics from the British comic 2000 AD. It follows the adventures of a lawman in a dystopian future, where most of humanity is crammed into humongous Mega-Cities while some people live in the nuclear blasted Cursed Earth. If you're wondering why I bring this up, it's because of these guys:

Judge Dredd is one of the most iconic figures of British science fiction, and has influence 40K since its inception. While the Adeptus Arbites are the most obvious examples, being pretty much exact copies of the judges, Imperial Hive cities are based on Dredd's Mega-Cities. Necromunda could be a Dredd game with little to no changes.

While I haven't seen it yet, Dredd 3D has been getting good reviews and is supposedly quite true to the comic. If you're interested in learning more about one of the roots of the 40K universe, Dredd 3D comes to theaters September 21.

Next up is Solomon Kane. I've written a couple articles about how the Executioners are inspired by the works of Robert E Howard. While, he's best known for Conan, my favorite of Howard's characters is Solomon Kane. Kane is a warrior in 16th century Puritan warrior that continuously comes up against evil and witchcraft. Kane is brutal, uncompromising, and profoundly dedicated to protecting the weak and innocent (kind of a late medieval Punisher). Kane is also the inspiration of the Executioner's Thulsa Kane and my own Chapter Master Tytos Solomon. 

I have seen this movie, and I have to say that it's really good. It stands well on its own as a work of dark fantasy, and it is fairly faithful to Howard's character even if it isn't directly based on any of his stories. Howard's work has been plagued by very poor movie adaptations (the recent Conan movie being a good example of this, but Red Sonja and Conan the Destroyer are equally bad), but Solomon Kane is a good movie that bucks this trend.

Solomon Kane is currently on Video on Demand, and will be released in a limited number of cities on September 28. I still haven't been able to find a list of the cities where it will be playing, but keep an eye out for it. I highly recommend seeing it.


  1. Solomon Kane is a 3 year old movie already out on Blu-ray, I don't think it's going to the theaters now.

  2. I forget I have an international audience. The dates I mention are for the US, where for some reason Solomon Kane has yet to be released either on blu-ray or in theaters. I was luckily able to see it on a British DVD, but this is its first real release in the US. You can read more about it here:

  3. Haha I am part of the US audience. I just know that as a country we have a bad habit of releasing foreign movies in 50 random theaters across the country with little to no advertising. Then two years later we release the AMERICAN version of whatever filmed here and all Americanized so most people never even know there was one being copied.

    I already watched it, good film. And it is available for sale on Amazon already.

  4. Yeah, I saw Amazon has it on-demand recently, and it has the region 2 DVD's. I haven't be able to find any region 1 or region free releases.

    It does look like that's going to happen to Kane. According to the director's blog, it's supposed to get a US theatrical release on September 28, and I still haven't seen a list of cities that it'll be playing in. I'd like to see it in theaters just to support the film.


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