Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Commission: Ultramarine Tactical Marines

I put up my test model for the Ultramarines a while back, and here's my first batch of Tactical Marines. The commission included quite a few basic marines from the past two starter sets, so I decided to paint them up first. This will provide a good base of bolter marines and allow me to assemble the Tactical squad kits to provide the most options for each squad.

My clients wants a very traditional looking 2nd Company force, with a bit or weathering added in. I'm pretty excited at how these first 5 marines came out; I think they have a classic look to them but are still gritty and intimidating. I'm becoming more comfortable with the paint scheme and I think this army will really look impressive when it's done.

I've got 8 more of these marines to go, and then I'll probably work on something else to keep myself from getting too bored painting Tacticals. Let me know what you think.

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