Monday, September 10, 2012

201st Post!

It turns out that my post this weekend on the new FAQs was my 200th post. Not a terribly exciting post for my 200th, but a useful post I think. 

First off, I'd like to thank everyone that's been following my blog. It really is gratifying to know that people actually want to read my articles and see my miniatures. I'm planning on continuing my series on playing Blood Angels and Space Marines in 6th Edition, as well as displaying my miniatures for both armies as I complete them. I'll also be showing my commission work as I get it (expect lots of Ultramarines soon).

Once that's all done, I actually have a good start on a Dark Eldar army that I'll be painting. My planned paint scheme is based on a semi-popular cartoon. I thought it would add a bit of fun to the normally very grim Dark Eldar.

Let me know if there are any aspects of 6th Edition that I haven't addressed yet that you'd like me to write about. I write up articles as they come to me, but I'm always very happy for suggestions.

Finally, if you enjoy my blog and haven't already, please sign up as a Follower. I've noticed the number of hits that I've been getting has been pretty steadily trending upward, but my number of followers has been pretty stable. I'm really not getting anything out of it beyond the ego boost, but it is appreciated.

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