Monday, August 6, 2012

Star Phantoms

Here is the last (and way overdue) entry in my series covering Chapters of the Badab War. 6th Edition distracted me for a bit.

The Star Phantoms

The Star Phantoms are a secretive chapter of unknown heritage, though it is suggested that they were founded using Dark Angel gene-seed. The chapter is primarily notable for its extreme fascination with death, and the Star Phantoms engage in a variety of strange mortuary traditions. 

On the battlefield, the Star Phantoms excel in fleet combat and prefer launch their assaults from orbit, utilizing large numbers of drop pods. They are also known for their indiscriminate use of heavy firepower, often resulting in extreme collateral damage. This predilection for heavy firepower is exhibited in a large number of plasma and melta weapons fielded within their infantry and by the inclusion of three Devastator squads within each Star Phantoms Battle Company. They also possess large numbers of Vindicators and Land Raiders, as well as Deathstorm drop pods to support their orbital assaults.

The Star Phantoms arrived relatively late to the Badab War, but were heavily committed to the final assault on Badab Primaris. It was the Star Phantoms that breached Huron’s Palace of Thorns, as well as cornering and gravely wounding Lugft Huron himself. For their role in the final assault, the Star Phantoms were awarded rulership over the Badab Sector and chose the ice moon of Jhaga in the Archaea system as their new home world.

Captain Zhrukhal Androcles

Zhrukhal Androcles was the Captain of the Star Phantoms Ninth Company during the Badab War, and was responsible for Huron’s dire wounds during the Siege of the Palace of Thorns. Though Androcles was killed, he was able to blast Huron with his combi-melta and incinerate half of his torso.

Androcles has the standard Captain statline, and carries a power fist and combi-melta. Due to his expertise at bringing down fortifications, he can grant +1 on the damage chart against vehicles or fortifications to himself or a squad within 6”. Finally, as Captain of the Ninth Company, Androcles’ army can take Devastator squads as both Elites and Heavy Support choices.

All in all, Androcles is a relatively cheap and well-rounded character, able to fight reasonably well in assault as well as support his army’s firepower (which is rare for a Marine character). He’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for an infantry heavy army that can bring to bear overwhelming firepower.

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