Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scout Sgt. Taurus

Here's the latest addition to the Executioners, Sgt Taurus. He's a count as for Sgt Telion, and named for another character from "The Tower of the Elephant." He's been used in 6 games so far (practicing for and participating in the team tournament), and he's certainly proven to be a great addition to the Scout squad.


  1. Thats really nice man fair dues, love your colour scheme too. I've used the rules for him a few times now, and he's certainly a great addition to some snipers. I wanna do a conversion too but not sure where to start... decisions!

  2. Yeah, I thought about converting a model, but the Scout sniper models are pretty limited in their poses. I ended up just going with a standard Telion model and shaving off the Ultramarines icons.

    If you do end up converting one, I'd appreciate a picture to see what you came up with.

  3. Looks badarse sir, very much like the mud on his lower legs too.


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