Friday, August 31, 2012

Commission: Crusaders

Here are a pair of Crusaders I painted for my client's Grey Knight army. I've always loved these models, so I really enjoyed painting them. They're the finecast versions, and they were pretty good except for a large bubble at the tip of one sword. That was a little tricky to sculpt over with green stuff, but I don't think anyone will notice it.

I wanted to tie these models with the Grey Knights using the army's main colors of red and white (and of course silver). However, I wanted the Crusaders to look dirtier and less well cared for than the Grey Knights. After all, they don't each have a team of serfs maintaining their wargear. I'm pleased with the overall look; they're gritty enough to work for the Inquisition.

Next up is Mordrak and his Ghost Knights, as well as the test model for my Ultramarines army commission.


  1. Good to hear that you like them! I'm hoping to finish Mordrak and the normal Terminator this week.


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