Friday, August 17, 2012

Blood Angels in 6th: HQ

In this article, I'll address the generic HQ choices. While not as flashy as the named HQs, they're cheaper in points and often more efficient choices.


The Librarian is still a cheap and solid choice. He’s not so much of an auto-take now that psychic hoods are fairly weak psychic defense. He’s still pretty easy to kill once he gets in assault, but this is countered by his ability to take every psychic discipline except Pyromancy. I’m particularly interested in a Librarian using Divination, as this gives us a character that can really support shooting units. This isn’t really an option we’ve had before, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.


The Reclusiarch is still a great assault choice, being pretty durable and able to enhance the hitting power of his squad. He did get a bit of a downgrade with an AP4 crozius arcanum, but this makes him extremely dangerous to any infantry with a 4+ save or less. However, I really think the best choice is to take the cheap upgrade to a power fist. This allows the Chaplain to tailor his attacks, either going at initiative with AP4 or I1 with AP2. With both options, the Reclusiarch should be able to take on any opponent.


The Captain wasn’t a very popular choice in 5th Edition, and I don’t see that changing. Space Marine Captains have seen an increase in popularity given their ability to take artificer armor and relic blades, allowing them to soak hits for their squads and deal out high strength hits at initiative. The Blood Angels Captain lacks both these options. If you can’t afford the extra points for a Reclusiarch, the Captain makes an okay substitute (but you should probably take a Librarian or find the points for a Reclusiarch).

Honor Guard:

The Honor Guard is a great support squad if you need what it can bring. It supplies a budget Priest, as well as the ability for surrounding squads to re-roll Leadership tests. I never thought this was worthwhile when my squads were dropping directly into the enemy deployment zone, but this is no longer a real option. Now that half your army has to deploy normally, any failed break tests in the deployment zone mean a lost squad (3D6 fall back distance doesn’t mix well with 12” deployment zones). If your Assault Squads are going to charge across the table, a banner is not a bad choice.

Beyond that, the Honor Guard can be tooled up any way that you want. In general, Sanguinary Guard and Vanguard Veterans make for better assault units for the cost. However, Honor Guard have the ability to take 4 special weapons, making them a unique mobile shooting squad.

In general, I use Honor Guard as a support squad, packing a Priest, Company Banner, and generally a power fist and power sword. They’re not too dangerous on their own, but they can charge in alongside an Assault squad and provide some extra hitting power while providing supporting auras for your assault force.

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