Monday, July 2, 2012

Vampire Counts 1,250 point list

As I'm very inexperienced with this edition of Warhammer Fantasy, I wanted to put up the list I plan to use in the July tournament. If any of my readers are Fantasy players (I know my blog skews more toward the 40K crowd), I would really appreciate some feedback. This is my first list, which will be refined as I get in some games with it.

My General will be a level 3 Master Necromancer using Lore of the Vampires with Master of the Dead (so he can raise Skeleton units above their starting strength). He carries the Talisman of Preservation to gain a 4+ ward save, but that's it. I didn't want to spend too many points on one model in such a small battle. He joins a small bunker of Skeletons that will remain behind my front line and act as a reserve if it gets large enough.

Next, I have a Vampire with heavy armor and shield, carrying the Sword of Might and Dragonhelm. I wanted him to deal out some damage, but also be able to stay alive. He has the Aura of Dark Majesty and Fear Incarnate bloodline powers. He leads a larger (22 strong) unit of skeletons carrying the Screaming Banner. Between these three items, enemy units will have to take their Fear tests at -1 LD, rolling an extra D6 and discarding the lowest, and re-rolling any passed Fear tests. Between all these, I am hoping that the Skeletons will be able to hold their own, at least against most Core units.

Next is a unit of 20 Zombies with Standard and Musician. They can tie up enemy units as necessary, and should be a large unit by the time I reach the enemy. I am planning that my early Invocations hit both Skeleton units and the Zombies.

5 Dire Wolves are my next choice. They give me some speed and act as a chaff unit. I would like to take more, but I only have 5. I could take Fell Bats instead, if they would be better. Any thoughts?

Next come my damage dealers. First come 20 Grave Guard with hand weapons and shields, carrying the Banner of the Barrows. Even without a character, I hope this unit will be able to deal with most enemy units on equal ground. Finally comes a Varghulf, which acts both as a fast unit and a bit of a hammer, giving me at least on monster to tip combats my way.

Here's the list:
Master Necromancer w/
Sword, Master of the Dead
Talisman of Preservation
Sword of Might
Heavy Armor, Shield
Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate
5 Dire Wolves
22 Skeleton Warriors
Hand Weapons, Shields
Light Armor
Standard and Musician
Skeleton Champion
Screaming Banner
10 Skeleton Warriors
Hand Weapons, Shields
Light Armor
Standard and Musician
Skeleton Champion
20 Zombies
Hand Weapons
Standard and Musician
20 Grave Guard
Hand Weapons, Shields
Heavy Armor
Standard and Musician
Banner of the Barrows

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  1. hey,
    fantastic list, though i feel the two squads of skeletons should combined to become one big hord, coming from experience hords are better. also put the vampire in the same unit as the necromancer. vargulf shold turn into varghiests. hope this helps!!


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