Monday, July 16, 2012

Badab War Characters in 6th Edition

With the changes to special rules in 6th Edition, the value of some of the Badab characters on the tabletop has changed dramatically. I just wanted to go through those characters that did change and update my thoughts on them. If a character isn't listed here, it's because I don't think their use changed appreciably.

Also, Forgeworld put out an FAQ to update their psykers, which can be found here. I'm also updating characters that were changed by the FAQ.

Captain Corien Sumatris is a bit less useful now that his ability to grant Furious Charge isn't as good, but he's still a pretty terrifying assault character.

Sevrin Loth became even better, despite being a very solid character already. He can either know his original 6 powers from the Space Marine Codex, or he can choose 6 powers from either the Biomancy, Pyromancy, or Telekinesis disciplines. His ability to gain all the powers he wants from any discipline is huge, equivalent to the loremaster ability from Fantasy. This allows you to pick disciplines and reliably get any power that you want and to really plan your army around it.
Captain Tarnus Vale is very dependent on how the metagame evolves. Tank Hunters is still great for killing vehicles, but many players are saying that the game will become much more infantry heavy. If so, Tarnus Vale won't get much out of any of his abilities.

Malakim Phoros became way more dangerous. Since Rage now grants +2 attacks on the charge, and he gains +1 attack and Rage when wounded, he'll reliably put out 7 attacks on the charge. He also loses his main disadvantage now that rage doesn't control his movement.

Captain Mordaci Blaylock got way better now that it's more difficult to kill Terminators. His list with tons of scoring Terminators backed up by Codex: Space Marine firepower will be really difficult to shift.

Knight-Captain Elam Courbray became a bit nastier with the new challenge rules. He can choose to make one attack at S8, AP3 rather than his normal attacks. With his I6, this will allow him the opportunity to challenge and instakill most enemy characters before they get to fight.

Captain Pellas Mir'san also benefits a bit from the new challenge rules, allowing him to easily get into base contact with enemy independent characters and make full use of his Master Duellist rule.

Ahazra Redth is also dependent on the new meta. If infantry heavy armies now have the advantage, his army of infiltrating infantry will be able to deliver a massive amount of firepower from superior locations, and losing out on taking lots of vehicles and transports won't matter much. His Mirage power means any enemies charging his unit count as a disordered charge, and his unit becomes Shrouded.

High Chaplain Thulsa Kane lost an ability now that there are no No Retreat! wounds for his squad to ignore, but he's now the only Chaplain with AP3 thanks to his relic blade.

Lord Asterion Moloc became much more flexible now that his Preferred Enemy: Space Marines affects his army's shooting as well as their close-combat.

An army led by Tyberos the Red Wake  became tremendously scary. Now that Rage is a benefit rather than a detriment, the Carcharodons may be the nastiest Marine assault army in the game. Even the basic Tactical marines can put out 4 S5 attacks on the charge.

Captain Zhrukal Androcles' bonus to destroy buildings and bastions may really come into its own now that players can buy fortifications as part of their army.

Vayland Cal's  Sons of Medusa became much more flexible now their the fact that they're Fearless no longer has a downside.

There you are. If you think I missed something (there are a lot of characters to cover), let me know in the comments.


  1. Nice job, an ythoughts on Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi form the Minotaurs?

  2. Thanks! I don't think Ivanus Enkomi changed much with the new edition, other than Fearless becoming better. My full thoughts on him can be found here:


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