Monday, June 4, 2012

WIP: Executioners Librarian

As I mentioned when I posted my 1,850 points listed, I need a Librarian for my Executioners. I couldn't go with any of the standard models, since they wouldn't really fit the look I've establishes with all my Executioners so far. However, I still wanted the model to be easily recognizable as a Librarian. The paint job really helps here, but modeling is important. For example, a staff as a weapon or a hand doing something arcane looking really hammer home the idea of a psyker.

A second consideration is my background, which is based generally on the works of Robert E Howard but more specifically on his Conan and Kull stories. With very few exceptions, the sorcerors in these stories are villains, evil men who have harnessed forces outside of the natural realm to conquer and subjugate.  The best known of these is the Stygian Sorceror Thoth-Amon, who I wanted to base this Librarian on. Though clearly a villain, Thoth-Amon is described as being brave, strong, intelligent, and dedicated to the the ascendancy of Stygia. I can easily imagine a story written from the Stygian point of view where Thoth is the hero and Conan the villain.

Based on this, I wanted the Librarian to look a bit more menacing than normal, which really meant using Chaos Marine bits. However, I didn't him to look like a Chaos Sorceror, just a extra dark Codex Librarian. I used the robed body and legs from the Dark Angels Veteran box (a great set for converting Librarians), as well as a backpack with candles on top. His force staff is a Nemesis Warding Stave from the Grey Knight Terminators. All of these produce a fairly standard Librarian.

I used a Chaos Marine helmet that I've had forever. It doesn't have any overtly Chaos markings, but it does have a very sinister look to it. The faceplate is similar to the Chaos Warrior helmets that I've been using for my Executioner Marines, and I think the horns are an appropriately barbaric way to represent a psychic hood. To finish the effect, he's holding a skull and staring into its face. While it adds to the sinister feel, it also is very in keeping with the Executioners' background. I envision him collecting the skulls of enemy psykers and channeling his powers through them.

Let me know what you think. Is the helmet too Chaosy? I'll post some background on him later, probably when he gets painted.


  1. I like it, but I would be tempted to lose the eye on the helm. It just screams Chaos to me, can't wait to see it painted up.

  2. I look at the horns and all I can think is Thousand Sons. With the horns removed the head would still be pretty sinister.

  3. I seriously thought about shaving off the eye on the helm, but I didn't want to damage the helmet (I only have the one). I'm planning on painting it as just a red gem rather than the standard eye. Going for a barbaric style crown, but I'll have to see how it turns out.

    I really want to keep the horns, since they scream sword and sorcery. Large icons on helmets do remind me of the Thousand Sons, but that is something I wanted to encourage here (more a link to Chaos Sorcerors than Thousand Sons, really).

    I hope the paint job will link him to the rest of the Chapter enough that he fits in with the army. I plan to start working on him soon.


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