Friday, June 8, 2012

Product Review: Thunderfire Cannon

I never purchased a Thundefire before, despite liking the model and rules. The biggest reason I didn't buy one was that everyone talked about how hard it was to assemble. The main gun was one solid piece of metal, and getting it to balance and glue properly was supposed to be next to impossible. When they re-released the Thunderfire in Finecast, I ordered one.

I've only bought one Finecast model before, Commander Dante. That model had a few bubbles in it but was overall pretty good (I still haven't painted him; I need to do that). I figured GW would have had enough time to work out the kinks in the process, and I would be safe ordering the Thunderfire.

When I first received the kit, I checked it out and saw fairly large bubbles on the backpack and left arm, so I called GW customer service and they quickly sent me replacement parts. However, when I started assembling the model, I found quite a few more bubbles on the servoharness, the other arm, the gun itself, and the treads. I just couldn't see these when it was still on the sprue. Also there were really deep mold lines on the armor on top of the gun and on the treads. I did my best to shave these off, but there are still traces on the armor cowling and I couldn't do much to the treads without destroying their detail. However, I'd already requested and waited for replacement parts, so I just decided to assemble it and fix it the best I could.

The good news is that a great many of the bubbles are hidden during assembly. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I ended up having to fill in far fewer bubbles than were actually on the model. There were a couple minor gaps to fill, as well as a fairly large number of bubbles. There were some areas that I wasn't able to fix, as tons of small bubbles just made the surface rough. This was really evident on the shoulder pads, and I'm just hoping that paint will cover it up.

Anyway, it took me pretty much a whole day to assemble this model, including all the green stuff work to fix the bubbles. I'm happy with the whole model, but I'm not sure how it'll paint up. The drybrushing and glazing I use for the Executioners will probably accentuate the rough areas and the mold lines.

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