Friday, June 22, 2012

The Exorcists

The Exorcists fought for the Loyalists in the Badab War. Their gene-seed is classified by Inquisitorial Bull and they are the last known surviving Chapter from the 13th, or Dark, Founding. The Exorcists are an anti-daemon force with strong ties to the Ordo Malleus, and are perhaps best known for their unique training practices. In order to inure their marines to the temptations and disorientation inherent in fighting daemons, all Exorcist aspirants are possessed by daemons and exorcised. This understandably results in very high attrition of aspirants, and the Exorcists maintain three full Scout Companies (resulting in a total of twelve Companies in the entire Chapter) in order to maintain the Chapter at full strength. In all other ways, the Exorcists are organized along Codex Astartes guidelines.

 Exorcist marines are described as studious, intelligent, honorable and calm outside of battle but quite aggressive once battle is joined. They are skilled in battle-meditation, and are almost completely unable to feel both fear and pain, making them stalwart soldiers even by Astartes standards. As for overall strategy, the Chapter is capable of adopting any method of attack dictated by the Codex Astartes and are extremely adaptable and unpredictable.

During the Badab War, the Exorcists were most often found in fleet actions as they had the strongest fleet among the Loyalists (at least by the end of the war). The Exorcists took part in the Second Invasion of Sagan, along with Fire Angels, Red Scorpions, Salamanders, Raptors, and Novamarines. While most of the Loyalists dropped to the surface to battle the heavily entrenched Secessionists, the Exorcists engaged the Secessionist warships in the area before assaulting and taking an outpost world within the system. The Exorcists were later committed to the invasion the Pireaus system. Though this turned out to be a trap laid by Lugft Huron, the Exorcists acquitted themselves well on the field. Most notably, Captain Silas Alberac and his Enochian Guard blunted the Astral Claws assault and Alberac personally disabled the Astral Claws Dreadnought Ancient Kleitor.

During the assault on Badab Primaris, the Exorcists were responsible for taking the Sentinel-Signa star fortress defending the planet. They rapidly took the fortress, despite determined resistance led by the Astral Claws Captain Corien Sumatris. The Exorcists are also responsible for blockading the sector, and this alone tarnishes their record. During the confusion of Badab Primaris’ destruction, the Exorcists destroyed several ships carrying Loyalist marines that were unable to demonstrate their allegiance. More significantly, they allowed the ship carrying Huron’s body and inner circle to escape the system.

Captain Silas Alberac

Silas Alberac is the Captain of the Exorcists Third Company. He is described as being abnormally large for a Space Marine, roughly the size of an Ogryn. Despite his appearance, Alberac has both an intelligent mind and unbreakable will. He has the standard Captain statline, but is S5. This matches well with Hellslayer, a master-crafted thunder hammer that he carries. It automatically wounds any daemons or psykers, but anyone that has played with Lysander knows that S10 attacks are handy in many circumstances. Beyond this, he has fairly standard gear. He does have Feel No Pain, so he’s a bit more survivable than the standard Captain.

Silas Alberac has a few rules that benefit his army, but they aren’t major. Any squad in his army can re-roll failed Pinning tests. Additionally, any psychic powers aimed at Silas, his squad, or a vehicle he is riding in, are nullified on a 4+.

Silas Alberac is a serviceable assault character with a few rules that provide small benefits to his army. Two things make him an interesting choice. First, his army keeps Combat Tactics, which is a great rule that is lost with most Space Marine special characters. Second, he is pretty cheap and, with S10, can really threaten vehicles and most multi-wound characters and models. He’s a strong choice to lead a fluffy Exorcist army without dominating your army choices. His large size also provides a great excuse to use some of the larger third-party sculpts for marines.


  1. I've always liked the Exorcists. Cool name, simple striking color scheme, and a neat background that really fits well into the 40K universe.

  2. I don't know if you're on the BoLs forums, but I'm the guy who lost almost his entire Blood Ravens army to a car break-in. I've decided that rather try to recreate my Blood Ravens army - depressing - I'm going to start again with Exorcists. This is in part because I always thought the chapter sounded cool, and in part because their deep red color scheme means I have very little repainting to do on my few surviving models.

    I won't always bother to put Captain Alberac in my army - I generally like Librarians more - but I'll want to make a model and paint him up, for completeness's sake, and use it sometimes. Do you have any advice for building a list around him?

    My current thought is that he belongs alongside a serious melee unit (a power weapon/storm shield honor guard, maybe?) riding in an assault vehicle (land raider crusader?) and with as many teleporting elements as you can fit into the list (enormous 10-man tactical terminator unit?). The rest of the list probably includes more vehicles to distract anti-tank from the land raider (rhino squads? razorbacks?).'

    Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts in more detail.

  3. I don't spend much time on BoLS, but I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your army. As terrible as losing an army is, it's great that you're getting right back into the hobby with the Exorcists.

    I think the best thing about Alberac is that you don't have to build an entire army around him. He's not to expensive, costing in the realm of a generic HQ, and he allows the army to keep combat tactics. He'll fit with any unit that you expect to end up in assault, giving them some handy S10 attacks.

    That said, your army idea does play to his strengths. I would probably stick him with Assault Terminators in a Land Raider. Both they and Alberac want to assault the same type of targets, and they'll add to his survivability as he doesn't have the best armor. As a bonus, Alberac gives you a good chance to nullify any psychic powers cast at his unit or transport, which should make them much harder to stop in the current psyker heavy game.

    Backing that up, you'll want units that can support them in assault or provide long range firepower. Teleporting Terminators are a possibility, though I wouldn't rule out another unit in a Land Raider. Since every one seems to be cutting back on melta (at least where I play) multiple Raiders could be a very strong list. I would avoid Rhinos and Razorbacks, as they don't really distract anti-tank from Land Raiders. Rhinos are best killed by autocannons and missile launchers, weapons that have little chance of damaging Land Raiders. I would back them up with a couple Vindicators if you really want to confuse your opponent's target priority.

    I hope that was helpful. Good luck with the new army, and please let me know when you convert Alberac. I'd love to see what you come up with.


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