Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Executioners Predator "Bane of Hyperborea"

Like most Space Marines, the Executioners treat their vehicles as warriors in their own right. To the Executioners, this means that each vehicle carries trophies from its most notable kills. Dedicated transports are festooned from kills made supporting their squad, either with their own weaponry or by grinding foes beneath their treads. Predators, however, are widely regarded as dedicted tank hunters by the Executioners, their first response to enemy heavy armor. Therefore Predators are decorated with the skulls of the crews of enemy vehicles they have destroyed. Even if the Predator destroys a vehicle but does not kill the crew, it is considered to have earned their skulls and the Executioner marines will take great pains to ensure that any living crew are slain so that the Predator may be correctly honored.

The Predator Bane of Hyperborea is noteworthy for its large number of vehicle kills. Named for its actions in a war exterminating a xenos race possessing both advanced technology and Chaos-infused sorcery, Bane of Hyperborea is decorated with trophies from the vehicles of humans, eldar, orks, and lesser known xenos races.  Though somewhat worn by its long history of warfare, the Bane of Hyperborea continues to serve with distinction in the most brutal engagements of the Executioners Chapter.

Here's the latest addition to my Executioners. I mixed up the recipe for the wash I use to tint the metal, which resulted in a darker, more worn appearance. I decided to run with it and incorporate it into the tank's backstory. As usual, the tank is magnetized so I can switch out all the weapon options.

There it is. Let me know what you think.


  1. That looks great! Love the weathering - out of curiousity, what kit are the 'string of skulls' that you have on the rear exhausts from? I don't think I've seen those before, and I like 'em a lot!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! I believe they string of skulls are from the command sprue for the old Skeleton Warrior, Goblin, and Skaven Clanrat sets for Warhammer Fantasy (they all had the same command sprue for some reason). I'm not sure if you can get any of those kits any more. I had a few left over, and they really are a great bit (and one of the few places to get an Ork skull).

  3. Great looking chapter badge on the front.

  4. All round great model! Have you been able to play any games with them recently? How do you think you will run your predator normally?
    Also I will have to keep my eyes open for the string of skulls they look so cool.

  5. Thanks again! My schedule hasn't allowed me to play any of my armies lately. I'm really hoping to get the Executioners on the table, and it looks like it might happen next month. I'm trying to get as much painted before that as I can.

    I'm planning on running the Predators with autocannon turret and lascannon sponsons. I've got loads of anti-infantry in my army, but I need the Predators to open up enemy transports from a distance, and hopefully at least suppress any enemy tanks.

    I looked around GW site and it doesn't look like any of the kits that had the "string of skulls" are still in production. It's a pity, but I'll keep my eye out for any similar bits.


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