Monday, June 18, 2012

Commander Dante

I picked up a Dante miniature in finecast forever ago in order to do an initial review of finecast (found here). I've always really liked the background for Dante, and I think he's a solid addition to any jump infantry heavy army. Therefore, I was excited to finally get around to painting the model.

The Dante model was a bit surprising to paint. Though it is a very detailed model, most of the detail is in the molding of the army and picked up well by drybrushing. The details that actually require careful painting are few (primarily the wings and a few purity seals) and the model is actually quicker to paint than the new Sanguinary Guard or even Death Company models. There are no flat areas that are a good place for freehand, so that was out to.

I used the Golden Griffon Dry paint as the final drybrush on Dante rather than P3 Solid Gold, which I used on the Sanguinary Guard. Golden Griffon is another great paint for drybrushing, producing very even coverage without any streaking. It is a colder gold than Solid Gold, giving Dante a different final look than my Sanguinary Guard. I kind of like that as it subtly differentiates him.

Here are a few more shots of him:

I'm looking forward to fielding Dante now that he's painted. It should finally make my unit of Sanguinary Guard a really viable choice and give me a seriously hard hitting and fast squad.

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