Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Background: Executioners Librarium

The Librarians of most Space Marine Chapters are figures of both awe and mistrust. While they prove their loyalty and usefulness with every battle, Librarians are still part of a mysterious brotherhood within each Chapter and are capable of utilizing unnatural powers. Even compared to the Libraria of other Chapters, the Librarium of the Executioners is an insular and sinister organization.

The Executioners boast two home worlds, Aquilon and Stygia. The bulk of the Executioners are recruited from Aquilon, a geographically diverse world populated by diverse barbaric tribes. Stygia is a hive world, densely populated and possessing standard Imperial technology. Its people are generally not well-suited for Astartes recruitment, but they have one great benefit over the Aquilonians. Psychic talent is present on Stygia at the normal rate for an Imperial world, but is almost non-existent on Aquilon. This results in a unique dichotomy within the Executioners: while the bulk of the Chapter is drawn from barbaric Aquilon, the Librarium is overwhelmingly made up of Stygians.

This has led to a deep divergence within the Chapter. The Aquilonians hail from many different cultures, and their cultural background is generally overwhelmed by the Chapter’s teachings. The Stygians, on the other hand, maintain a strong connection with their shared culture within the Libarium. The Librarium is known as the Black Circle, and its members rarely interact with the rest of the Chapter except when deployed for war. Where most of the Chapter is straightforward and aggressive (though not without a certain savage cunning), the Black Circle provides a voice of subtlety and subterfuge that is no less important.

Librarians of the Black Circle follow the standard Codex Astartes conventions of wearing blue power armor along with a yellow tabard. However, they always wear black robes covering their armor. Like all Executioners, they take the skulls from particularly notable kills as trophies. Members of the Black Circle generally take the skulls of enemy psykers. Rather than presenting them to the Chaplains to be included in the chronicles of their Chapter, the Librarians keep the skulls, which they use to channel and strengthen their powers on the battlefield.       


  1. Nicely done. Very much ties into the Conan stories. Now all you have to do is get everyone else to go along and you will create some canon.

  2. Nifty, I might have to go along with this.

  3. Very nice ideas! Offers far more character than bland GW fiction.

  4. I like it! Might do a little repost ;)

  5. Thanks everyone! I've been trying to expand on the limited Executioners background, but I'm being careful not to contradict any of the official fluff. Beyond that, I'm just trying to draw inspiration from Robert E Howard's stories. I plan to post more articles on other aspects of the Chapter as they occur to me.

    I'd be flattered if anyone else chooses to apply this to their own force. And Silar, you're very welcome to repost this if you'd like.


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