Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to Warhammer Fantasy

My interest in Warhammer Fantasy has been rekindled lately. The relatively recent release of the Vampire Counts army book was a stepping stone to this, but I was still busy with the Executioners. As I painted the Executioners' tanks, I needed something to do while all the layers of wash dried. This led to just grabbing older models off my shelf that needed to be painted. Commander Dante was just such a model, but I've also been painting Zombies from my VC army (15 down, 5 left). I've still got 10 Ghouls, a Corpse Cart, a Varghulf,  and some characters waiting to be painted.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Executioners Predator "Proclamation of Crom"

Proclamation of Crom is a relatively new Predator within the armories of the Executioners. It was given to them during the early stages of the the Badab War, a gift from the Astral Claws in acknowledgement of the significant forces the Executioners committed to the Secessionist cause. Originally named Dauntless Hunter in honor of Lugft Huron, the vehicle serves with distinction throughout the Badab War, particularly at the defeat of the Howling Griffons at the Khymara system.

The Red Hour changed the role of the Executioners during the Badab War and profoundly altered their relationship with the Tyrant of Badab. The Predator could no longer be named in honor of such a dishonorable traitor, and its crew decided to rename the vehicle Proclamation of Crom. This refers to a story told by the chaplains to each neophyte within the chapter, considered to be the heart of the Executioners' beliefs.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Exorcists

The Exorcists fought for the Loyalists in the Badab War. Their gene-seed is classified by Inquisitorial Bull and they are the last known surviving Chapter from the 13th, or Dark, Founding. The Exorcists are an anti-daemon force with strong ties to the Ordo Malleus, and are perhaps best known for their unique training practices. In order to inure their marines to the temptations and disorientation inherent in fighting daemons, all Exorcist aspirants are possessed by daemons and exorcised. This understandably results in very high attrition of aspirants, and the Exorcists maintain three full Scout Companies (resulting in a total of twelve Companies in the entire Chapter) in order to maintain the Chapter at full strength. In all other ways, the Exorcists are organized along Codex Astartes guidelines.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Executioners Predator "Bane of Hyperborea"

Like most Space Marines, the Executioners treat their vehicles as warriors in their own right. To the Executioners, this means that each vehicle carries trophies from its most notable kills. Dedicated transports are festooned from kills made supporting their squad, either with their own weaponry or by grinding foes beneath their treads. Predators, however, are widely regarded as dedicted tank hunters by the Executioners, their first response to enemy heavy armor. Therefore Predators are decorated with the skulls of the crews of enemy vehicles they have destroyed. Even if the Predator destroys a vehicle but does not kill the crew, it is considered to have earned their skulls and the Executioner marines will take great pains to ensure that any living crew are slain so that the Predator may be correctly honored.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Commander Dante

I picked up a Dante miniature in finecast forever ago in order to do an initial review of finecast (found here). I've always really liked the background for Dante, and I think he's a solid addition to any jump infantry heavy army. Therefore, I was excited to finally get around to painting the model.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Codicier Amon Yara of the Black Circle

Amon Yara is a Codicier within the Black Circle. Despite his relatively junior status, Yara has an excellent battlefield record and his advice is carefully heeded by the Chapter’s Captains. Yara prefers to draw his enemies into well planned killzones before springing vicious traps and annihilating them. His deceptive strategies have provided the Executioners with several notable victories, though many within the Executioners’ command structure find them distasteful.

Yara wears a large crimson jewel, known as the Cor Elephanti, in a diadem on his helmet. The origin of the stone is unknown, but the Executioners claimed it when fighting the Eldar on the jungle world of Yag. Its powers are unknown to those outside the Black Circle, but many among the Executioners claim that it allows Yara to predict his enemies’ movements and thus lay his distinctive traps. Whatever its powers, Yara is never found without the Cor Elaphanti, wearing it in a circlet when he is not clad in power armor.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Background: Executioners Librarium

The Librarians of most Space Marine Chapters are figures of both awe and mistrust. While they prove their loyalty and usefulness with every battle, Librarians are still part of a mysterious brotherhood within each Chapter and are capable of utilizing unnatural powers. Even compared to the Libraria of other Chapters, the Librarium of the Executioners is an insular and sinister organization.

The Executioners boast two home worlds, Aquilon and Stygia. The bulk of the Executioners are recruited from Aquilon, a geographically diverse world populated by diverse barbaric tribes. Stygia is a hive world, densely populated and possessing standard Imperial technology. Its people are generally not well-suited for Astartes recruitment, but they have one great benefit over the Aquilonians. Psychic talent is present on Stygia at the normal rate for an Imperial world, but is almost non-existent on Aquilon. This results in a unique dichotomy within the Executioners: while the bulk of the Chapter is drawn from barbaric Aquilon, the Librarium is overwhelmingly made up of Stygians.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Carcharodons

The Carcharodons, also known as the Carcharodons Astra or Space Sharks, fought on the Loyalist side of the Babab War. Little is known about their history before that.  The source of their gene-seed is unknown, and they appear to have no established fortress monastery. Their fleets prowl the areas outside of the Imperium, destroying threats to humanity before they become aggressive. The Carcharodons are also noted as being highly religious, decorating their armor with devotional items and prayer scripts and carefully sparing Imperial Churches and members of the Ministorum from their otherwise savage attacks.

The Carcharodons operate almost exclusively as a rapid strike force, attacking with overwhelming force and destroying the enemy utterly without getting caught in a protracted engagement. Though the Carcharodons include marines of all disciplines, all Carcharodons are eager to reach close-combat. Even their Devastators carry an assortment of chainswords and bayonets.  The Carcharodons are described as being calm and quiet before battle, before erupting into furious assault immediately when needed.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Product Review: Thunderfire Cannon

I never purchased a Thundefire before, despite liking the model and rules. The biggest reason I didn't buy one was that everyone talked about how hard it was to assemble. The main gun was one solid piece of metal, and getting it to balance and glue properly was supposed to be next to impossible. When they re-released the Thunderfire in Finecast, I ordered one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

WIP: Executioners Librarian

As I mentioned when I posted my 1,850 points listed, I need a Librarian for my Executioners. I couldn't go with any of the standard models, since they wouldn't really fit the look I've establishes with all my Executioners so far. However, I still wanted the model to be easily recognizable as a Librarian. The paint job really helps here, but modeling is important. For example, a staff as a weapon or a hand doing something arcane looking really hammer home the idea of a psyker.

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