Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Painted Cities of Death Terrain

Six years ago, I picked up the Imperial City box. It was a special deal with the release of the Cities of Death terrain and it came with a ridiculous amount of sprues. I immediately put them all together, making some really large buildings and then some smaller ruins. Partially because of the huge buildings I made, I never got around to painting any of the terrain. I've played on it fairly consistently over the years, but it was always grey plastic.

Recently, I grabbed some of the smaller ruins I had made and decided to try and paint them. I started with a grey primer, and then drybrushed them with lighter grey paint (I used Apple Barrel paint; you need too much for terrain to use nicer paint). I cleaned up any flat areas that picked up too much drybrushing by stippling darker grey back over it. I then painted some details on, mostly the skulls, wires, and key pads, along with any metallic areas.

I finished off the ruins by washing the skulls and metallics with the appropriate washes and then washed the whole thing with Secret Weapons Concrete wash (mixed with a little bit of the heavy body black to get more contrast). This really blended in the drybrushing and brought out the texture without being too dark.

I finally finished it off with two brown weathering powders, brushing them on dry and then fixing them with rubbing alcohol. This gave them a bit more varying coloration and more visual interest.

Here they are:  

These were pretty quick to paint (two evenings for four ruins, from start to finish) and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. I need to be a bit more careful painting the details, but any problems aren't easy to see on the table. I'm not concerned with my terrain looking a nice as my miniatures, but it needs be painted at least.

Most importantly, I think this set of small ruins gives me the experience and confidence to take on some of the larger buildings. I hope to finish of my remaining buildings this summer. 


  1. Would love to play some Necromunda with piece like these. Looks great!

  2. Thanks! I've never actually played Necromunda (just a bit of Mordheim), but I may have to try it out. Looks like I have enough terrain.

  3. Very nice, I could never bring myself to paint all the details on my ruins.

  4. Yeah, all those details are pretty intimidating. I think I found a good middle ground, painting some of the detail but picking out the rest with drybrushing. It was quick to paint but still interesting to look at.

  5. Lovely terrain, I really like the weathering.


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