Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Executioners So Far.

There have been a few requests for a picture of all the Executioners I've painted so far. I've endeavored to do so, but the army is now too big to fit in my normal photography set-up. I just want to apologize in advance that the lighting and focus isn't what I'm used to.

Anyway, here are some shots.

So far, I have 2 HQs, 3 Troops, 2 Elites, and 4 Transports painted. It comes out to around 1,500 points but I can't say it's a great army yet. I've been concentrating on infantry (because I prefer painting them) and the army desperately needs support on the table. I've got a Predator to paint next, and then I plan to pick up more Predators and some Land Speeders, and maybe a Dreadnought.  I'm really looking to add more firepower to the army.


  1. They look so cool all laid out, now you make me feel guilty at ignoring mine, damn you! Lol

  2. Damned fine turn out!

    You should be proud man!


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