Monday, May 14, 2012

Executioners Chapter Badge Tutorial

The Executioners' Chapter Badge is not the simplest to paint, but without any decals or molded shoulder pads (come on Forgeworld!), it's the best option. Now that I have a fair amount of practice painting them, I decided to write up a tutorial about how I do it.

First, I paint a vertical line on the shoulder pad, defining the height and position of the center of the shield.

Then, I add two more vertical lines, which will be the sides of the shield. These are raised a bit above the central line, giving some curvature to both the top and bottom of the shield.

Then it's just a matter of connecting the ends of the lines to define the top and bottom of the shield.

And filling them in.

Then I move on to the axes. I first paint two more vertical lines, this time defining the hafts of the axes.

Then I paint the edges of the blades.

Then, I carefully connect the edges back to the hafts. I find this to be the trickiest part, and it often requires a couple tries to get it quite right.

Now it's just a matter of filling in the blades.

If you want to try and be a bit fancy, you can thicken the haft to suggest handle wrappings, as seen on the IA drawings. However,I find this difficult to do and it is so subtle that I don't think it adds much.

And there you are. The key is breaking the symbol down into a system of lines and shapes and doing those one at a time. If any step doesn't look right, just paint over it an redo it before moving on.

Anyway, I hope any prospective Executioners players out there found this helpful.


  1. Excellent tutorial! The symbol looks fantastic, inspiring stuff!

  2. Nice work! I like how you break the whole thing down into simple steps. Well done.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Happy you thought it was a useful tutorial. I keep meaning to write more tutorials for freehand symbols. In my experience, they really intimidate many painters, but most symbols can be easily broken down.


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