Monday, May 21, 2012

Assault Squad Sergius

I showed off a bit of this squad two weeks ago, when I posted 4 refurbished marines. Here are the other 6 marines, all fresh of the painting table and made from a combination of the Assault squad and Death Company boxes.

And what would my squads be without a magnetized Sergeant, in this case Sgt. Sergius.

 Here's the entire squad.

They came out pretty well, and I'm happy to have a fourth Assault squad available. Painting this squad once more reminded me how detailed the Death Company miniatures are. These guys took a lot longer to paint than the generic models (particularly the Executioners). I just kept finding more blood drop gems to paint.

I haven't decided what to paint yet, just that it won't be Blood Angels. The only unpainted Executioner I have is a Predator, but I have tons of Eldar and Vampire Counts that might make a good break from painting marines.

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