Friday, March 2, 2012

The Red Scorpions

The Red Scorpions are Forgeworld’s favorite chapter, and seem to have a place in all of their campaign books. In this case, it means that the Red Scorpions Chapter Master, Carab Culln, is the overall Commander of Loyalist forces in the Badab War. They are an extremely codex chapter, and are best fielded with a combined arms approach. They are defined by an extreme level of xenophobia, distaste for covert warfare, and a dedication to maintaining their purity as a chapter (which is reflected in their Chapter Tactics).

Lord High Commander Carab Culln 

Culln is the Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions and the overall commander of the Loyalists in the Badab War. He brings the standard Chapter Master statline (but with an extra attack), equipment, and rules. He wears terminator armor with a built-in teleport homer and carries a master-crafted storm bolter along with a master-crafted relic blade that gives him extra attacks for each point by which he beats the enemy’s WS. He also has Eternal Warrior, making him pretty durable for a marine character.

Culln provides a fair amount of support to his army. He and all Red Scorpions squads within 12” add +1 to their combat resolution. His big contribution is his Chapter Tactics, which allow you to replace the Veteran Sergeants in all of your Tactical squads with Apothecaries. While this removes the option to take power fists and other Sergeant only upgrades, it grants a tremendous amount of resiliency to your Tactical squads. This is a great advantage if you’re using them as shooting, objective-holding units.

Magister Sevrin Loth

Sevrin Loth is a nasty character for his cost. He’s got a bit better statline than the standard Librarian, but has the same ability as Tigurius or Mephiston to use three psychic powers a turn. He knows all six Space Marine psychic powers, so that gives him pretty substantial flexibility, even if the powers may not be as strong as some of the other codices. What really sets him apart is that he can give himself a 2+ invulnerable save using one of his psychic tests. That makes him tremendously durable, even with only two wounds.

In addition, he allows you to take an Honour Guard. Not the most efficient squad, but it provides him with a suitably aggressive squad to run with.


  1. If only Forge World loved the Executioners as much as the Red Scorpions, *sigh*.

    1. Yeah I wish they had some more stuff for space sharks and other badab factions.

  2. Agreed. Other than Huron, Tyberos, and the Minotaur shoulder pads and doors, there really hasn't been anything for the Badab War Chapters. There was a sneak peak of what I believe was a Minotaurs character a while back, but it hasn't been released yet.

    Really, I would like to see more shoulder pads and vehicle accessories for the Badab War. Character miniatures are cool, but I'm enjoying seeing conversions of them. Some accessories would make it easier to customize the rest or your army.

    1. While I like the Tyberos model, and will be using it for my Space Sharks, I feel his sculpt is a little underwhelming when compared to other ICs. I also wish they would put out some shoulder pads for the Sharks and other chapters. To me the Badab war stuff is the best thing to come out of Forgeworld since it's inception. To me the other IA books are kind of weak compared to the scope and quality of the Badab war books.


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