Monday, March 19, 2012

More Executioners Sternguard

In an attempt to maintain some semblance of sanity, I sat down Saturday morning and finished painting up 4 more Sternguard for the Executioners. I also added skulls to 6 of my old Sternguard, which I think really ties them back to the rest of my force.

These Sternguard are an extension of the changes I made to the last set, with more freehand to identify them as veterans. I think they're looking even better, and I'm looking forward to painting my last 4. After that, I'll work on their Rhinos/Razorbacks and a Predator.

Also, the freehand skulls look a little rough when blown up in the photos, but they're very small and look quite good in person.

 Please ignore the white spot on the last marine's forehead. I've already fixed it.

 There they are. As always, comments, questions and criticisms are very welcome.


  1. Thanks! They're fairly time consuming, but I really do like the look. I use a dremel to cut off the bottom of a meltagun (being careful to leave the feed from the fuel canister hanging on the side) and attach it to the shaved off top of a bolter.

    I've got it down to about an hour a combi-weapon, but I'm happy that I shouldn't need to make any more of them for the Executioners. I should really just make one and learn how to cast it.

  2. Man these look awesome, I really like the combi-meltas. I also like the dirt on the boots, makes it look a little more realistic. That darker to lighter blend on the shoulder pads looks awesome, and I like the freehand work you did, looks top notch. Keep them coming bro, these could go in a forgeworld display.

  3. Awesome work, the weathering contrast really nicely with the blue armour.

  4. These indeed look awesome!

    As I said before, I wouldn't use the pure white on the markings, but that's a matter of personal taste I guess.

    Great work.

    A group shot of all your currently painted Excecutioners would be appropriate I think. ;)

  5. Thanks again, everybody! I really do think the Executioners have come a long way from the first Tactical marines that I painted. I'd like to post up a group shot, but I really want to finish the transports for the Sternguard squads first. Just seems more complete, somehow. They're next on the painting table.

    As far as the white markings, I'd be interested in hearing more feedback on them. I tried using off-whites and greys before and it just made for a very muted, dull looking model (in my eyes). You only have to look at my Blood Angels to see that I like bold, bright paint schemes. With these guys, I made a conscious effort to dirty up the markings on the knee pads with weathering powder, which I think makes them fit in with the model more.

    I can't really do that on the shoulder pads though, as I hope my marines aren't falling over often enough to dirty up their shoulder pads.


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