Friday, March 30, 2012

Last of the Executioners Sternguard...

...for the moment.

Here's the last batch of the Forgeworld marines that will be acting as my Sternguard. I'm still happy with the freehand, though I think the weathering came out better on the last batch. I went a bit too heavy on the lightest color.

Next up will be two Razorbacks and a Predator, all for the Executioners.

And here's Sergeant Niord, with the trademark Executioner's Axe:

 There they are. As always, comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome.


  1. The chapter symbol look a lot like the 18th MP Patch. Looks great...

  2. Thanks! I've never seen the 18th MP patch before, but it is quite similar (if more awesome than the Executioners' logo).

  3. Exquisite! I love the dirty/ gritty texture! Keepy it up


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