Friday, February 17, 2012

Tournament Game 4

The final game of the tournament was against a Codex: Space Marine army, painted up in Imperial Fist colors. His army was composed of:

Pedro Kantor

5 Scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks

5 Scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks

10 Sternguard Veterans w/ 2 missile launchers, power fist

Land Speeder w/ multi-melta


Predator w/ twin-linked lascannon turret, lascannon sponsons

Predator w/ autocannon turret, heavy bolter sponsons

This is another lucky break for me. This list is pretty close to the Executioners list I played against my brother over Winter Break. The big threat to me was the Vindicator as it could annihilate an Assault squad with a single shot. If I can take it out before it fires, I'll be well on the way to victory.

The game was a Pitched Battle deployment, using all three objectives. We each placed an objective in our deployment zones, and one was placed in the center of the table. This is the table; I deployed on the far side.

I deployed both Predators behind the altar of skulls, hopefully out of sight of shooting. My opponent deployed his Sternguard and Pedro on the bunker toward the bottom of the photo, with his Predators to the left and Vindicator and Speeder on the right. He infiltrated one squad of Scouts in the ruins at the right of his deployment zone, while the other squad infiltrated into the wooded terrain with the destroyed Rhino. My opponent failed to steal the initiative, and turn 1 began.

I swung the Predators out from behind the altar of skulls and opened fire. I destroyed the turret lascannon on the tri-las Predator but didn't do anything else I can recall. My opponent boosted his Speeder behind the altar of skulls and opened fire on my Predators. He immobilized the Baal and stunned the Predator, really limiting my return fire.

End of movement, opponent's turn 1

As turn 2 started, my Assault squad with Reclusiarch and Priest showed up. I dropped them just in front of of the Vindicator. Somewhat counter-intuitively, that was the safest place to land. My Baal Predator sent some fire downrange, but wasn't able to do anything. My Assault squad hit the Vindicator with one meltagun and destroyed the Demolisher cannon. That's good enough for me.

My opponent's turn 2 started with reversing his Vindicator away from my Assault squad. His Speeder jumped over the altar of skulls to behind my Predator. His Predators both fired on the Baal but failed to damage it, while the Speeder stunned the Predator with a point blank melta shot to the rear armor. His Sternguard and Scouts fired at my Assault squad, killing off 5 marines.

End of opponent's turn 2

In my turn 3, my second Assault squad came on. I dropped them next to the enemy Scout squad in the wooded terrain to my right. The squad shot up the Scouts, killing 3 and making them fall back. My Baal Predator opened fire on the Speeder, destroying the multi-melta and immobilizing it. My Reclusiarch's squad assaulted into the Sternguard and Pedro. Once the dust cleared, only Pedro was standing from the enemy squad.

My opponent maintained fire on my Predators, but I honestly can't remember what happened. His Scouts rallied and both squads shot at my Assault squad on Scout hunting duty. In assault, my Reclusiarch and squad cut down Pedro and consolidated toward the Vindicator.

At this point, my opponent decided to concede the game. He really didn't have anything left to counter the Assault squads, both of which would be charging his units next turn.

Lessons Learned:

 This is another game that I think I played well. It really came down to disabling the Vindicator. It would have been more reliable had both of my Assault squads shown up Turn 2, but one ended up being enough. My opponent really needed to surround the Vindicator and keep it safe.

This is a good example of the importance of getting the charge against Blood Angels. While the Sternguard were able to kill off half of the Reclusiarch's squad, there were still enough left to assault and wipe out the Sternguard. Had he charged instead, he wouldn't have done as much damage but he would have robbed my squad of its hitting power and tied them up.

Anyway, it was a fun game against a pleasant opponent and it was good experience against an army very similar to my Executioners. We got to talking and I found out that he's more of a Fantasy player. I took the opportunity to quiz him on what he thought about the new Vampire Counts and what I should add to my extremely fledgeling Skaven army. I'm really looking forward getting in some Fantasy games against him and the other players at the store. There's a Fantasy tournament at the store this weekend, but I don't think it's a good idea to go to it since I haven't played any games of 8th Edition yet.

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  1. A well played game sir, you thoroughly destroyed poor Ben. This is a good example of adapting your tactics to deal with the enemy and mission. I like your use of speed and suppression to cripple his ability to retaliate. I found the part about deepstriking in front of the vindie amusing.


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