Monday, February 13, 2012

Tournament Game 2

My second game was against a Dark Eldar player. He was running the following:

Archon w/ agonizer, shadowfield, combat drugs

4 Incubi w/ Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

The mission was Seize Ground with a Pitched Battle deployment. This was the table; I deployed on the far side from this perspective. We placed three objectives, one on the bridge and one on either side of it in open ground.

This battle report is going to be short. I deployed my tanks behind ruins, out of sight. I used my Baal's scout move to move out from behind the ruins and take cover behind the coliseum looking ruins in the center of the board. I kept the Assault squads in reserve to deep strike. The Dark Eldar stayed in reserve.

I had first turn. I just made sure my Baal was nestled behind the ruins.

There weren't any Dark Eldar on the board, so they didn't really have a first turn.

In my turn, I got one of my Assault squads (the one without Reclusiarch and Priest). Since it was an objective mission, I combat squadded them. One landed to the right of the coliseum, behind the barricade, while the other came down near to the left of the coliseum. Both were within striking distance of objectives.

Then the Dark Eldar reserves came on. All of the Venoms and one Ravager came on in the right corner. The Ravager destroyed the Baal, and the Venoms took one Assault combat squad down to one Marine and the other down to four marines.

In my turn 3, my other Assault squad came down to the left of the coliseum. They used their run move to get more cover from it. The other Assault squads jumped behind the coliseum to try to get out of sight. My Predator swung out of cover and destroyed the Venom carrying the Incubi.

Beginning of DE Turn 3

In the Dark Eldar Turn 3, the second Ravager came on.  The Venoms moved forward onto the bridge, and were followed by the Incubi. The combined fire of the Ravagers stunned the Predator, while concentrated splinter cannon fire killed a few Assault marines from the large squad, but FNP made it way less painful than last turn.

Blood Angel Turn 4 was pretty uneventful. My squads huddled behind the coliseum, but the 4 strong squad jumped forward into the ruins to meltagun a Venom. Sadly, the meltagunner killed himself with a dangerous terrain test. My bolt pistols did no damage. 

The Dark Eldar turn started with the last Ravager coming on. Combined fire from the Ravagers destroyed my Predator, while I lost a few more marines to all the splinter cannons. The Archon and Incubi assaulted into the ruins, killing the last remaining marine there.

My turn 5 was pretty much my Reclusiarch led Assault squad charging into the Archon and Incubi. The Sergeant killed himself on the terrain, but the Reclusiarch killed 3 of the Incubi. In return, all of the Assault marines except one were killed by the Archon and last Incubi. 

The Dark Eldar Turn 5 started with the Venoms moving to hold all three objectives. The Reclusiarch killed the last Incubi while the Archon killed the last Assault marine and the Priest. The game ended with the Archon and Reclusiarch staring each other down in the ruins, while the rest of my army was wiped out. It was a massive loss for me.

Lessons Learned:
Honestly, I lost this one so hard, I'm not sure what to take away from the game. I did come up with some important lessons though.

1) Don't combat squad against Venom spam. They've got the firepower to just wipe out small squads.

2) Watch the sight lines better. I thought my Baal would be safe where I scouted it, but coming from reserve gave the Ravagers the flexibility to get line of sight and blow it apart. In it's original position, the Baal would have only been able to use its heavy bolters, but those would have been enough.
3) Never drop squads without bringing the Priest if I can help it. The losses on Turn 2 we're so bad because I didn't have the Priest, because I didn't choose to re-roll his squads reserve rolls.As it was, my army came on in discrete waves and only my last squad really benefited from the Priest.

In conclusion, my opponent played his list well and I was unprepared to face that type of list. I have to admit I was pretty disheartened after this loss. I asked my opponent what I could have done better (which resulted in Lessons Learned 1 and 2), had some lunch, and got ready for game 3.


  1. Tough loss on this one. At least you had an opponent who would talk to you reasonably about what you could have done better. I find it easier to stomach the loss if I learned something from it. As you said, eating lunch (perhaps with an adult beverage) settles the nerves and gets you ready to face the next battle.

  2. So first im going to start by saying that your opponent in this round was Ian, who is one of the top three players in the store, so don't feel bad about losing to him. Second, his list was the rock to your scissors without a doubt. I will agree with Goehring, this was Ian delivering a complete curb stomp to your face, not much to be done about it man, and sometimes these are so lopsided you can't really take anything away from it. I can't wait to see the next round battle report, James said it was interesting. On that note James wanted me to thank you for your advice on the issue of Lightning Claws on his Vangaurd Vets, not only is that more effective, but it saved him 30 points, which he spent on Infernus pistols for the VV to pew pew enemy tanks after their first assault.

    P.S. Dale confirmed the date for the next 1850 tourney. Its going to be on April 21, this time the painting award will be for best painted Troops, so your a shoe in on that one. Check out the Scifi Genre forums for further details. Hope to see you there.

  3. Yeah, this was Ian and it was a significant curb stomping. Ian was extremely pleasant throughout the beating, and very helpful at the end. I really appreciate the advice he gave me. I'm not sure if I could win this match-up, but I certainly could have done better.

    Sadly, no adult beverages were available, but the empanadas for lunch helped a lot.

    Happy to hear that James found some of my advice helpful. Lightning claws sadly are never worth it in pairs in the current pricing system, but they are great when taken as singles. I'm looking forward to seeing James play with the Vanguard.

    I'll save that date for the tournament, and I hope to be there.

    I just put up the battle report against James. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.


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