Friday, February 24, 2012

Minotaurs vs Disciples of Caliban: Dardreg Gargant

In short, I pick both.

           To begin, last time I discussed the pros and cons of two different armies that could be used to play 40k on the cheap.  These were the Deathwing (DW), and the Draigowing(DrW).  Reader response was overwhelmingly in favor of the DW.  However, I am a cautious, impoverished man.  Though the internet and players everywhere complain about the gross superiority of the Grey Knights codex, it is a known quantity.  The rumor mills abound with talk of a new Ward designed Dark Angels codex.  So in short, I am hedging my bets.  I am building both a DrW and a DW army to 2000pts.  Not super fiscally conservative, but it works for me because I already own most of the components for the DW, and GKT look an awful lot like Paladins.  They will both be built using the DW rules, ie. terminator armored models only, dreadnought bias, vehicle choices are mostly wide open, and bikes are okay (in the case of Ravenwing).  In short, 2+ only for infantry.  These lists will then be made to fight all comers as well as one another, and I will report back on any success I am having with either one.  Expect this series to take a long time, with me updating as I am able.  The armies will be built at 3 point values, all incorporating as few models as possible to try to keep the budget down while also making sure that each model can be used later at a higher points value.  These points values will be 1000, 1500, and 2000pts.  Now then, on to the contenders.        

            In this corner, weighing in at a massive 5 Golden Thrones is the DrW.  I am building this list using actual GK bodies but they will be painted as the Minotaurs chapter for the same reasons I cited in my earlier Space Wolf plans, mainly that they are a bunch of overpowered tools who get all the best stuff for no special reason.  Also, they totally hate other space marines and are commonly used to wreck other chapters, a trait I also associate with DrW and GK in general.  I am going to henceforth call this army CW for Cretewing, after the island on which the minotaur of legend was said to reside.  It will be led by none other than Ioannes Draigo.  Ioannes, we should all note, is the Greek version of the name Ivan.  Trust me, I checked on Wikipedia.  He shall have a blonde flat top and shoot crazy steroids while his girlfriend monitors him from the booth.   I expect this list to come off weaker at 1000pts, as Ioannes himself is still stuck on the Trireme.  But then as the points level of the games increase, so will the CW 's competitiveness.

            Who shall be the challenger of this giant powerhouse of Greek awesomeness you may ask?  In this corner, in the red hood, weighing in a strong, but undersized 3.8 Golden Thrones is Balbolial of the Rock.   He comes from the mean sector of space in which he still resides aboard his battle barge “Philly”.  Balbolial is the captain of the Disciples of Calibans's (DoC) first company.  He has manly stubble and likes to train outside while minders follow him around.  He also strong arms the Fallen for money.  For those of you unfamiliar with the DoC, you can read all the fluff in existence for them over on the Lexicanum.  Their appearance is more or less a Dark Angel tankini with mask over a basic black armor.  I picked this successor because normal DW colors bother my eyes, and the other successors are no better. I think this codex will be superior at the lower points levels and then remain consistent as the CW gets steadily better at the higher points games.
            So the fight shall be decided over the course of the next year or so and a possible codex release.  I will post some WIP shots as they become available.  Bear with me though, as finding the right bits for this may be challenging.  Also I am poor, but full of ideas with vision.  The 1,000 point lists will go up in the next few weeks and then we shall see where the odds put these young fighters.  If you have seen the movie, we should all bet on Balbolial, but as this is 40k, and the Minotaurs rain on parades professionally; Ioannes may win this thing yet.          

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