Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fire Hawks

I took a bit of a break to cover the tournament, but now we can get back to the Chapters of the Badab War. I also wanted to mention that's I'd love to hear from any readers that are building one of these armies, and hopefully see some pictures of their work.

The Fire Hawks

Despite being an Ultramarines successor, the Fire Hawks are one of the more divergent chapters in the Badab War. They prefer the use of shock tactics and close-quarter combat, and employ a large number of Land Raider Crusaders and Redeemers, as well as Vindicators. They dislike defensive warfare and long-range bombardments. The Fire Hawks are a prideful and headstrong chapter, and they generally don’t get along with their fellow Astartes. They fought for the Loyalists in the Badab War.

Knight-Captain Elam Courbray

Elam Courbray is Captain, but he lacks one point of BS and LD compared to the standard Captain. He comes with a jump pack as well as a rending power sword that allows him to replace his standard attacks with a single S8 rending, power weapon attack. Courbray must be placed in base-contact with enemy characters if possible and must direct his attacks at them.

Courbray substantially alters the composition of your army. His Chapter Tactics kind of combine Blood Angels and Salamanders, making Assault squads and Vanguard squads scoring while making all flamers and heavy flamers twin-linked. He also grants any jump pack equipped squads that he leads Counter-attack and Hit and Run. Finally, his Command Squad can take jump packs.

Courbray allows you to take a much more aggressive Space Marine army. Though he does provide some unique abilities, like twin-linked flamers, scoring Vanguard, and a squad with Counter-attack and Hit and Run, I think you would be better off running a fluffy Fire Hawks force with Codex: Blood Angels.

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