Friday, February 3, 2012

The Fire Angels

The Fire Angels are a relatively young Chapter based on the Ultramarines geneseed. As such, they possess relatively small numbers of Terminator Armor, Land Raiders, or Dreadnoughts. However, they possess great numbers of vehicles based on the Rhino chassis, and prefer to operate as a heavily mechanized force. They hold discipline and duty above the pursuit of glory.

Captain Tarnus Vale

Tarnus Vale is the Captain of the Fire Angels 3rd Company, and I think he’s one of the best characters in the book. He has a standard Captain’s statline, and carries only a chainsword, plasma pistol, and meltabombs. He makes any squad he joins Stubborn. All of this is really unimpressive compared to his point cost.

It is his Chapter Tactic that makes Vale a good character. He gives any squad with Combat Tactics the Tank Hunter special rule. This rule is becoming increasingly rare, but is very useful, especially in our heavily mechanized game. In addition, any Rhino or Razorback bought for a squad with Tank Hunter gets a free set of Extra Armor. This is a generally expensive upgrade that often isn’t worth paying for, but it is certainly worth it for free. Finally, if Vale rides in a Tank, he passes his Tank Hunter onto the vehicle.

Overall, I think Space Marines work best with a heavily mechanized force, and Tarnus Vale just makes them better. In addition, he improves Space Marine infantry’s anti-armor shooting. This is a great help to Tactical squads, and make Devastators really worth taking.


  1. Now the big question is what the heck colour is their armour?

    Is it white or silver?

  2. Doing a bit of research, their original color scheme was white armor with red accents. The consensus seems to be that the new color scheme is silver with the same red accents. However, the Imperial Armor color schemes all look kind of metallic. It's just how they do the colors.

    So I would say that either white or silver would be correct. Just depends whether you want to be old school or use the FW updated scheme.


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