Monday, February 6, 2012

Deathwing: Dardreg Gargant

To begin, though my last article was about my fledgling Minotaurs force, I must confess that what can only be referred to as “destitution” has put an end to such aspirations.  I have neither the financial resources, nor the temporal resources to bear the task to fruition.  In this case, fruition is a full 2000pt army as is commonly played in my area.  However, rather than accept my inability to play the game we all love, I have simply looked at cheaper ways to still enjoy playing.  

            To that end, I am pursuing a 2000pt Deathwing army.  Not the kind that is big in tournaments right now; the storm shield wall that fires missiles out its back.  I’m building a more traditional Deathwing.  They are the special forces of the Dark Angels, arguably the only chapter to really have special forces.   That means they have to be equipped for every situation as best they can be, taking full advantage of the flexibility of being able to combine assault and tactical loadouts at will.  Every squad will have a heavy weapon, a chainfist, and a storm shield minimum.  This will allow for a healthy amount of shooting combined with a decent close combat punch with the shields adding slightly to the durability of the unit by soaking up any AP2 fireppower. 
            Now, at this point you may be wondering why I am not electing to build Draigowing, the other even cheaper, possibly better budget build. The answer is twofold.  First although I have several Grey Knight terminators and have considered moving this way, I have a bunch of terminators.  They are all over the place on ebay because everyone is convinced that they are terrible.  The second reason is that I do not believe they are the superior force.  They are pound for pound beefier than the Deathwing, but in the end they fail in the fields of flexibility and dynamism.  They may break because they’re not fearless, their squads are too large to be handy in order to get all the FNP and additional attack bonuses they can, and they do not have a quick deployment via Deathwing assault and/ or Ravenwing teleport homers.   However, because of the cheapness of both these builds I am willing to run either.  Possibly, if people think I should, I will (bear with me though, I am poor) build each list to various points levels and then test drive them along with regular postings of their various abilities and shortfalls.  Please leave a note in the comments section if this idea has merit with you.  Also your ideas about which is codex is better would be helpful as well. 


  1. I too am poor so I sympathize with you on that, and your right about being able to pick up regular termies on the cheap. Perhaps this will be a good project for you, I would definitely like to see you pursue Death Wing over Grey Knights. Would you paint them as Dark Angels or another chapter?

  2. Deathwing for sure over Grey Knights, I'm getting a bit bored of seeing them everywhere. In a follow up to Chris' question how are you painting them? You could always go with a Minowing (May need a better name)? Aren't they known to have a full compliment of terminator armour, also opens it up to some great greek themed conversions.

  3. I like the Idea of Silar (if it fits with their background).

    Deathwing as rules over Grey Knights! :-)

  4. There's certainly enough AoBR Termies out there to make that one of the cheapest of armies. Then all you need is to bitz order the assault cannon & Cyclones.

  5. As someone who is building a Draigowing army currently, I so go with the your gut feeling. You are obviously already drawn towards a Deathwing army, so go that route.

    Also, who isn't "poor" when it comes to this game? $50 for a box of 5 plastic men is outrageous.

  6. So it is clear that the consensus is Deathwing. So Deathwing it shall be. I will however let a theoretical Draigowing labor on as a doppelganger akin to a Lore vs. Data type arrangement. I intend to paint them as Disciples of Caliban as actual Deathwing colors look ugly to my sensibilities. But instead of pure black in places I intend to use that popular thraka wash over black setup seen throughout the internet.


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