Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fire Hawks

I took a bit of a break to cover the tournament, but now we can get back to the Chapters of the Badab War. I also wanted to mention that's I'd love to hear from any readers that are building one of these armies, and hopefully see some pictures of their work.

The Fire Hawks

Despite being an Ultramarines successor, the Fire Hawks are one of the more divergent chapters in the Badab War. They prefer the use of shock tactics and close-quarter combat, and employ a large number of Land Raider Crusaders and Redeemers, as well as Vindicators. They dislike defensive warfare and long-range bombardments. The Fire Hawks are a prideful and headstrong chapter, and they generally don’t get along with their fellow Astartes. They fought for the Loyalists in the Badab War.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tournament Wrap-up

At the end of the day, I had two solid wins and two losses, one crushing and one close. Based on them, I think I learned a few things over the course of the tournament.

First, I'm not too impressed with the Predators, but I'm not sure that's their fault. They're easy to stunlock and prevent from shooting, a problem the Devastators don't have. When it comes down to it, the Devastators provide more firepower and are more durable. The trade-off is mobility. In this case, I don't think I used that mobility particularly well. I tried to use it to keep the tanks out of sight at the beginning of the game and get the first shot, and that worked out okay. After that, though, I kept them immobile and maintained fire. In some cases, I did try to move them out of trouble, but it was too late. Their mobility needs to be used to keep them out of trouble in the first place. I need to either stick with the Devastators or learn how to use the Predators better.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tournament Game 4

The final game of the tournament was against a Codex: Space Marine army, painted up in Imperial Fist colors. His army was composed of:

Pedro Kantor

5 Scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks

5 Scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks

10 Sternguard Veterans w/ 2 missile launchers, power fist

Land Speeder w/ multi-melta


Predator w/ twin-linked lascannon turret, lascannon sponsons

Predator w/ autocannon turret, heavy bolter sponsons

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tournament Game 3

After talking over Game 2 with my opponent and scarfing down some empanadas for lunch (catered tournaments are an awesome idea), I was feeling a bit better and ready to redeem myself in Game 3. My opponent turned out to be a Blood Angels army, and he was playing a DOA list. Not only that, he was using Assault Terminators and running a list very similar to what I would run.

Libraian w/ jump pack, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

5 Assault Terminators w/ 1 pair of lightning claws, 4 sets of thunder hammers and storm shields

Priest w/ terminator armor and power weapon

Priest w/ jump pack

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tournament Game 2

My second game was against a Dark Eldar player. He was running the following:

Archon w/ agonizer, shadowfield, combat drugs

4 Incubi w/ Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

5 Warriors w/ blaster, Venom w/ dual splinter cannons

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

Ravager w/ 3 dark lances

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tournament Game 1

My first game was against a very nicely painted Tyranids (he went on to win the best painted HQ, which was the painting contest for the tournament). His list was roughly as follows:

Hive Tyrant w/ bonesword, lash whip, Paroxysm and Leech Essence

Tervigon w/ whatever power grants FNP w/ toxin sacs and adrenal glands

10 Termagants w/ fleshborers

10 Hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs and adrenal glands

Trygon Prime

Doom of Malantai in mycetic spore

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1,000 Point Tournament Intro

I was able to participate in another local tournament. This one was four 1,000 point games over the course of the day. I've been working on a 1,000 point Blood Angel army, testing it against Dardreg. I decided to bring it. It consisted of:

Reclusiarch w/ jump pack

Sanguinary Priest w/ power weapon, jump pack

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns, jump packs

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns, jump packs

Baal Predator w/ assault cannons, heavy bolter sponsons

Predator w/ autocannon, lascannon sponsons

The list is pretty basic. The Predators provide firepower, while the Assault squads protect them and hunt tanks and infantry as needed. The list is (I think) well-rounded and very mobile, with good firepower and assault. It is low on bodies, but with good use of Feel No Pain, I should be able to mitigate that.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Deathwing: Dardreg Gargant

To begin, though my last article was about my fledgling Minotaurs force, I must confess that what can only be referred to as “destitution” has put an end to such aspirations.  I have neither the financial resources, nor the temporal resources to bear the task to fruition.  In this case, fruition is a full 2000pt army as is commonly played in my area.  However, rather than accept my inability to play the game we all love, I have simply looked at cheaper ways to still enjoy playing.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Fire Angels

The Fire Angels are a relatively young Chapter based on the Ultramarines geneseed. As such, they possess relatively small numbers of Terminator Armor, Land Raiders, or Dreadnoughts. However, they possess great numbers of vehicles based on the Rhino chassis, and prefer to operate as a heavily mechanized force. They hold discipline and duty above the pursuit of glory.

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