Monday, January 16, 2012

New Blood Angels FAQ

Most of the codices received a recent FAQ update, and everyone is talking about the Necron FAQ. That's fine, and I'm happy for Necron players that they got an FAQ that doesn't nerf them in every case where their rules were unclear. I'm hoping this sets a very good precedent, and I think this will make the Necrons an army to beat in the coming year.

However, I'm massively happy about the new Blood Angels FAQ. Based on the last FAQ, there were a lot of arguments about whether squads held in reserve could Combat Squad, and when they split if they could. The answer and example in the FAQ were horribly worded. This applied to all the marine codices with combat squads, but no other army relies on combat squading after deep striking as much as DoA Blood Angels. Without the ability to split when they arrive, my Assault squads lose a massive amount of flexibility.

I'm thankful that I never ran into any players that interpreted the FAQ this way, but it was always a nervous moment at the beginning of the game. I would explain the problem and ask them what they thought. If anyone would have followed the interpretation that no squad kept in reserve could split, then I could either argue it or just play that way, possibly at a significant disadvantage.

Anyway, the new FAQ is extremely clear that squads arriving by deep strike or infiltrate can combat squad when the arrive on the board and can deploy in different locations. I'm happy this went in the Blood Angels favor, but I'm most happy that it is now clear and I don't have to worry about explaining or arguing it before every game.

Also, Blood Lance officially doesn't need to roll to hit. Also awesome.

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  1. Glade to see they ruled combat squads that way as we had been playing it that way the whole time in my group. Im also happy they clarified the Necron rules in an exceptable way and fixed all of the rules abuse. My Necrons are very happy.


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