Monday, January 9, 2012

Minotaurs: Making a Bed to Lay In

Dardreg on why he chose to start Minotaurs

I have decided to play the Minotaurs chapter.  As with all successor chapters, this has some decisions associated with it.  The biggest choice is always what codex to use.  Although there is a backlash against the counts as craze (and it is a power armored problem), I am assuming in writing this that you are not switching around every 6 months to a year to follow the latest release of power armored nonsense.  In general, the codex selected should be an attempt on your part to select the best book to reflect the fluff of the chapter you are trying to make.  This may or may not be the codex others decide to use, or the prescribed codex as is my case with the Forge World folks and I disagreeing.  Expect to take some flak for this at first amongst your gaming group if your “Fatherless Sons” or whatever swap from being Codex marines to a more popular book.

In my case I opted to use the Space Wolves Codex to represent the Minotaurs chapter.  Forge World specifies Codex: Space Marines, however, I found this inconsistent with their background.  My reasoning follows this line: the Minotaurs are supposed to be good at shock assault, have far better recruitment and weapons supplies than normal chapters, and have chimeric geneseed with a surly disposition.  Where would you look for unruly marines with all the advantages of a ready supply of raw materials with the ability to dominate other marines in close combat other than Space Wolves.  I only think this was not done because it would lead to an unbalanced Badab War reenactment. 

Blood Angels are out because while good at close combat, they have good leadership and are not particularly over-equipped.  Also they take lots of drugs and are more normally costed, making it more difficult to attain numerical superiority against marines.  Black Templars are out because they are way too crazy and also have weird unique squads as troops.

Now that I have explained my reasoning for the Space Wolf codex, can I just go willy nilly across the board?  Probably not, as I am not actually playing Space Wolves.  So this means that taking Thunderwolves of any kind, Lone Wolves, or fenrisian wolves are completely out.  These sorts of concessions tend to make opponents happier, especially when you select a big bad dex over a “weaker” one.  In my case I have also decided to not use the 4 HQ set up available to Space Wolves, but instead follow the more standard 1 HQ per slot of a normal marine chapter.  After all, Minotaurs are about faceless attrition, not heroes making sagas.  Keeping in line with this thinking, I have decided that no Space Wolf special characters will make it into any of my lists.  After all, the Minotaurs do not have these heroes, they are Space Wolves only. 

I hope the description of my choices and concessions in making a successor chapter helps to define the process for any curious parties.  I have elected to use a powerhouse codex, more for fluff than performance.  I will publish a Minotaurs list soon to better illustrate the points I am trying to explain here.  Most importantly though, the take home message is that if you are using a Codex for a successor chapter, be it a known or DIY chapter, it is important to accurately reflect the chapter you are trying to make, rather than merely emulating a known First Founding Chapter with a different paint job.

Here are two work-in-progress shots of Dardreg's first Minotaur Space Marine. It's mostly showing the overall color scheme, as well as how he's doing the bronze armor. 

 There they are. As always, comments and suggestions are extremely welcome.


  1. Looks good so far, are you going to hazard stripe the chainsword?

  2. I was thinking either hazard stripe or chevrons along it. It is a bit bland now. Chevrons fit the fluff better, but I am not sure my free handing skills are up to it.

  3. Chevrons aren't too hard, just find the middle of what you are painting them on draw a straight line in pencil, make sure it's light. Then just paint in the lines on one side completely, and then paint in the straight lines on the other side. Go back and touch up the yellow and you'll be all done.

  4. I like minotaurs! however this is more copper than bronze, (a common mistake) i suggest lightening it up a bit.

    Look forward to seeing more!!

    keep it coming!


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