Monday, January 23, 2012

The Marines Errant

The Marines Errant are a crusading, fleet-based chapter based on the Ultramarines gene-seed. They operate as a pretty standard Codex chapter, but are short on rarer wargear, such as Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, and Terminator armor. As such, they play pretty much like any Codex Marine Chapter. They fought for the Loyalists during the Badab War and behaved honorably. They are particularly well-known for their enmity toward the Mantis Warriors and their role in protecting Imperial shipping.

Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez

The Marines Errant character is a Company Captain, though he has a pretty poor statline, roughly between a Librarian and a standard Captain. He comes with a power weapon and master-crafted plasma gun, as well as an over-charged Iron Halo that gives him a 3+ invulnerable save but can short out when he takes a wound. He maintains Combat Tactics, and gives himself and one Tactical squad both Move through Cover and Scout. Both are handy abilities, but hardly game changing.

Narvaez is a cheap choice, barely more expensive than a standard Captain with a power weapon and combi-plasma. He adds some flexibility to a Tactical squad, but doesn’t change the army very much. He’s more of a choice for a fluffy Marines Errant list than one to alter your game play.

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