Monday, December 26, 2011

Tournament Game 3

My last game was a match up against Chaos Space Marines. His list was something along these lines.


Summoned Greater Daemon

8 Chosen w/ 4 meltaguns

9 Thousand Sons w/ bolt of change, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher

9 Thousand Sons w/ bolt of change, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher

7 Plague Marines w/ 2 plasma guns, Rhino (not sure if they had a power fist)

3 Obliterators

3 Obliterators

Land Raider w/ daemonic possession

Deployment was Spearhead, and the mission was table quarters (hold a table quarter by having more scoring units in it than the enemy). The weird rule for this game was that there was a 12" diameter circle in the middle where any model entering it is immediately removed. It's a 3" radius around the blue orb in the center of the table. My opponent won the roll off, and gave me first turn. I deployed my Devastators and Corbulo in a structure with a 4+ cover save and good lines of sight. My Devastators with missile launchers have Red Thirst. He deployed his Land Raider containing Abbadon and the Chosen, as well as a Rhino full of Thousands Sons on the right. The other Thousand Sons and the Plague Marines deployed on the left, while the Obliterators each took structures in the back of his deployment zone, covering the approaches to his quarter. Then he stole the initiative on me.

The Obliterators on the right haven't been deployed yet, but go in the building to the right of the Rhino.

His turn 1, he swings the Land Raider around the obelisk to advance, keeping the Rhino out of sight behind it. The Rhinos on the right advanced a bit but stayed out of line of sight to my Devastators. In my turn, my Devastators opened up on the Land Raider and immobilized it. This was a massively lucky stroke, since it meant that my deep strikers could concentrate on the right quarters. I had no intention of advancing on Abbadon.

In his Turn 2, he swings the Thousand Sons Rhino around the Land Raider but moves little else. His Greater Daemon shows up, so he summons it behind the Plague Marine Rhino as a counter-charge unit. I start my drop, and the Terminators, Assault squad with Reclusiarch and Priest, and Assault squad with no characters show up. I use Corbulo's re-roll to stop the Terminators from mishapping and drop them just left of one of the Obliterator squads, while the Reclusiarch's squad drops just in front of them. I tried to drop the other squad just behind the Terminators, but they scattered over them and mishapped. My opponent got to place them, and he dropped them right next to the orb of death. I was able to keep the Sergeant and 2 meltagunners out of 3" but the rest of the squad vanished.  They were able to shoot the Plague Marines' Rhino but only stunned it. My other Assault squad and Terminators opened fire on the Obliterators, but even with three meltaweapons and Blood Lance, I couldn't kill any. This started a string of my opponent making an amazing number of 4++ saves, but we'll get to that later. Finally, the Devastators blew apart the Thousand Sons' Rhino on the left.

In turn 3, his Greater Daemon moved to assault the Terminators while the Thousand Sons on the right moved to shoot the Reclusiarch's squad. The Plague Marines jumped out of their Rhino to shoot the 3 survivors near them, while the stranded Thousand Sons advanced a couple inches. Then he opened fire, dropping plasma cannons on my Terminators but only killing one. The Thousand Sons killed 4 of the Reclusiarch's squad, but I used those casualties to spread them out so they're less vulnerable to blasts. He then used the nearby Obliterators to rapid fire plasma guns into the same squad, killing another 4. The Plague Marines rapid fired into my Assault squad near the center, killing none of my Marines but both plasma gunners (I think we laughed for a solid 5 minutes about this. I think Tzeentch was angered by the presence of Nurgle units in his army). The Greater Daemon charged in and killed 2 Terminators but took a couple wounds back.

In my turn 3, my other Assault squad dropped next to the Plague Marines while the Reclusiarch's squad moved on the Obliterators. My Devastators took ineffectual shots at the Land Raider, while the Assault marines surrounding the Plague Marines gunned down all but one. The remainder squad assaulted in and killed him. The Reclusiarch's squad charged the Obliterators and wiped them out but lost the Priest, while the Terminators left the Daemon Prince with a single wound without taking any losses.

In his turn 4, he jumped the Chosen and Abbadon out of the Land Raider and moved the Thousand Sons into it. His Thousand Sons on the right advanced to shoot the remainder of the Reclusiarch's squad. The 3 Obliterators in the rear advanced and hammered my newly arrived Assault squad, killing all of them except one standard Marine. The Havoc Launcher on the Thousand Sons' Rhino finished him off, while the Plague Marines' Rhino tank shocked the remainder squad. I death or gloried with one meltagunner, who got the only result on the damage table that wouldn't stop the tank (weapon destroyed) and was squished. The Thousand Sons killed one member of the Reclusiarch's squad, leaving just him and the Sergeant. In assault, I finished off the Daemon Prince.

My turn 4 had the Reclusiarch move to join the Terminators as the prepared to assault the Thousand Sons. The Devastators shot the Chosen as they advanced, and my remaining 2 marines from the center fell back to hold my deployment quarter. The Terminators, Librarian, and Reclusiarch charged the Thousand Sons, killing a few.

The next three turns were pretty straightforward. His Havoc Launcher killed the Assault Sergeant I had in his deployment zone as well as one of the marines holding my quarter. He kept tank shocking that squad with the Plague Marines' Rhino, until it immobilized itself on terrain. My Devastators kill off the Chosen, though Abbadon makes it to my table quarter. My Terminators, Librarian, and Reclusiarch continued to hammer on the Thousand Sons, but his invulnerable saves were astounding. At the end of turn 7 (after 7 rounds of combat), my Reclusiarch was still locked in combat with the Sorcerer, as well as the 3 Obliterators who had come over to help him out.

Abbadon would have been able to charge my Devastators on the last turn, but chose instead to try and gun down my last Assault marine in my table quarter (which was the right thing to do). He failed. In the last shooting phase of the game, my lascannon/plasma cannon Devastators opened fire on Abbadon and reduced him to one wound. My missile launcher Devastators had moved over to gain line of sight and gunned down the Warmaster with their bolt pistols.

The victorious Devastators

At the end, I held my own table quarter while he held both of the non-deployment quarters, resulting in a minor win for him. Had I been able to kill that last Thousand Son, the game would have been a tie.

All of my games this tournament were fun and against excellent opponents. However, I want to point out that this game was probably the most fun just because of all the wild things that happened. From 2 Plague Marines killing themselves with their own plasma guns to a vanishing Assault squad to two shooting units taking on Assault Terminators and two characters and winning to Abbadon dieing from bolt pistols, probability took a vacation from this case. My opponent and I both had great fun with it.

Lessons Learned

1) Still need to spread out my drops a bit more to avoid mishaps.

2) The Devastators proved their worth here. They had a rough time in the previous two games, but I think there were extenuating circumstances in both cases.

3) If your opponent keeps rolling invulnerable saves, there's not a thing you can do about it.

4) Still need a scoring unit that I'm not throwing into the meat grinder.

5) Finally, always be mindful of enemy heavy weapons when dropping. I was careful with my initial drops but just dropped my last squad to shoot up the Plague Marines. I never even considered whether the Obliterators could shoot them until they were about to nuke the squad. I could have dropped them in safer spots, or dropped them to engage the Obliterators. Either choice would have been better than losing the squad so quickly.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the battle report and the lessons learned. You have my mind working considering the parts of your list that are different from what I was planning to run. Thanks again!

  2. I'm very happy that you found it helpful, particularly the lessons learned. It really helps me to focus on what I need to improve, and I hoped it would provide some good advice. I'll keep writing them up!


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