Friday, December 23, 2011

Tournament Game 2

My second game was against a mostly mechanized Tau player. I didn't stop to take as many pictures this time, so please bear with me. His list was along these lines.

Commander Shadowsun

3 Crisis Suits w/ 3 plasma rifles, 2 flamers, and a missile pod

3 Crisis Suits w/ 3 plasma rifles, 2 flamers, and a missile pod

12 Fire Warriors w/ carbines

12 Fire Warriors w/ rifles

10 Kroot

8 Pathfinders w/ Devilfish w/ sensor spines, disruption pods, 2 seeker missiles

8 Pathfinders w/ Devilfish w/ sensor spines, disruption pods, 2 seeker missiles

2 Piranhas w/ fusion blasters, 1 seeker missile each

Hammerhead w/ railgun, disruption pods

Skyray w/ disruption pods

Broadside w/ advanced stabilization system, shield drone

Deployment was pitched battle with 5 objectives. I tried to cluster the objectives in the open on the left side of the battlefield, resulting in 4 over there with one sitting in craters on the right.

The tables was desert terrain, with a fair amount of rocky bluffs that were difficult and line of sight blocking. However, there wasn't much in the way of area terrain. Once again, my opponent won the roll to choose, this time deciding to go first. He deployed most of his army across his deployment zone, with the suits deep striking and the Kroot outflanking. I deployed my Devastators and Corbulo on my back line in some shrubs, giving them a 5+ cover save. My squad without any characters got the Red Thirst.

His first turn was spent advancing and opening fire on my Devastators. I lost a couple models but nothing serious. He was at too long range to do much damage. I returned fire but it all bounced off his disruption pods.

Second turn, he closed in and really let loose. His Crisis Suits dropped in on target and shot up the squads, then they were hammered with burst cannons, railguns, and seeker missiles. He killed off both squads and instakilled Corbulo with seeker missiles. He commented that he was in a good place now, since he had killed all of my anti-tank. I pointed out how many meltaguns my Assault squads had, but he said he didn't consider that much of a threat.

All of my reserves arrived this turn. I split the squad accompanied by the Reclusiarch and Priest and the squad with the Priest, while the unaccompanied squad stayed intact to hunt Crisis Suits. The Terminators dropped forward to threaten his Fire Warriors, Broadside, and Pathfinders. Combat squads destroyed the Skyray and Hammerhead and immobilized the Devilfish on my right. I dropped the squad with the Reclusiarch to support the Terminators, but they scattered onto the Terminators, mishapped, and were destroyed. That was a pretty severe loss so early in the game, but I was in a good position after taking out his heavy tanks. The Skyray hadn't even fired any of it's seeker missiles yet. My large Assault squad scattered into difficult terrain and lost a model, but killed two Crisis Suits with their meltaguns.

In his turn, he tried to counter-attack, his intact Crisis squad moving back and shooting up one of my combat squads. The lone Crisis suit pulled back and the Piranhas shot my Assault squad with fusion blasters. Drones deployed to stop assaults, and the Fire Warriors with rifles deployed from their Devilfish to shoot up the combat squad that just destroyed the Skyray, killing 3. The Fire Warriors with carbines and Shadowsun shot at the Terminators but didn't kill any. Astoundingly, they assaulted the Terminators and killed 3.

In my turn, I launched assaults across the board. The 2 surviving Assault squads on the right assaulted the Fire Warriors, broke them, and ran them down. Realizing that my Terminators weren't doing well today, the combat squad with a Priest charged in to help them. Between them, they broke both Shadowsun, chasing her down, and the Fire Warriors, who fell back off the board. My large squad charged the Piranhas, immobilizing one and destroying the other.

The rest of the game was mostly clean up for me, as he attempted to kill my Troops. The Terminators went down, but the Librarian took out the remaining Devilfish with Blood Lance and survived to the end of the game. I lost the remaining 2 Assault marines on the left, but wiped out the Pathfinders doing so, while the Assault squad with Priest killed off the Broadside. The large Assault squad multi-charged both Crisis squads and wiped them out. I held two objectives on the left (and had the other two secure, but didn't have enough Troops to hold them). His Kroot came on from the right, taking the objective over there.

I ended up with a minor victory and scored all 3 bonus points.

Lessons Learned

1) I'm not sure if deploying the Devastators at the beginning of the game was a good idea or not. They died without really doing anything, but they pulled the Tau forward and gave me some great targets for deep striking.

2) I need to be more careful with my deep strikes. I correctly judged all my deep strikes around the enemy, but I scattered onto my own models. I need to watch that (it happens again in my last game).

3) My deep striking meltaguns once again proved their worth. He didn't see them as a threat, but they avoided his disruption pods and took out his heavy firepower immediately. They were so useful here because the Tau had no assault threats to counter-attack them. While the Crisis Suits could have done the job, they had been overextended.

4) Finally, I think I need another Troops choice. The Assault squads are great, but I have to hurl them into the enemy for them to do their job. Even with feel no pain, they take a lot of casualties by the end of the game and there aren't enough left to hold objectives.


  1. 2 Things:
    1) This lessons learned section is a great component to any battle report, and
    2) I believe being forced to put troops into harms way to win is called "ork syndrome" or something akin to that turn of phrase.

  2. Thanks. The lessons learned seemed like a good way to sum up how I feel about the battle and what I think I need to improve, and it helps me focus.

    I don't think I've head the phrase ork syndrome before, but it makes sense. My army just needs its own version of grots.

  3. Thank you again for these posts. The lessons learned are great. I am wondering if Scouts might be a good way to secure an objective. They are cheap, and they don't have to do anything else. Just get into to cover and stay alive.


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