Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tournament Game 1

Well, the tournament last weekend has come and gone. In summary, it was a great time. There were 20 participants with a good spread of armies (no Grey Knights!). The tables were great, with tons of very detailed, themed terrain. I remembered to bring my cameras and take some pictures this time. However, I have to rely on memory for my battle reports. Since the games were timed, I wasn't able to take notes and some of the pictures aren't the greatest. Again, I'm not going to do a full turn-by-turn breakdown but more of a narrative hitting the major points.

As a quick reminder, my list was:
Reclusiarch w/ jump pack

Librarian w/ Terminator armor, storm bolter, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

5 Assault Terminators w/ 5 pairs of thunder hammers and storm shields

Sanguinary Priest w/ power sword, jump pack

Sanguinary Priest w/ power sword, jump pack

Brother Corbulo

5 Devastators w/ 4 missile launchers

6 Devastators w/ 2 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons

The first game was against Necrons. As far as I can remember, his list was:

Anrakyr the Traveler in Command Barge

Overlord with war scythe, resurrection orb, phaeron

10 Immortals w/ gauss blasters, Pyrrhian Eternals w/ 2 Crypteks w/ eldritch lance, solar pulse, veil of darkness, abyssal staff

10 Warriors in Ghost Ark

9 Warriors in Ghost Ark w/ Cryptek w/ solar pulse, eldritch lance

10 Scarabs

10 Scarabs


Annihilation Barge

The mission was Dawn of War with kill points. There was a blizzard for the first turn of the game, so all models in the open receive a 5+ cover save on turn 1. On later turns, dangerous terrain effects models on rolls of 1 or 2, and vehicles that move more than 12" have to take dangerous terrain tests.

My opponent was playing his Necron army for his first tournament, and had only played a couple practice games. I've never played the new Necrons so this was a learning game for both of us. He won the roll off and chose to go second. I picked a deployment zone with a good building for my Devastators. I didn't deploy anything; the Devastators walked on turn 1 and the rest of my army deep struck. The Terminators were subject to Red Thirst.

First turn, my Devastators walked into their building. He brought all his units on from the table edge except the monolith, which would deep strike. He brought his Immortals on on the far left, the two barges and ghost arks just next to them, and the scarabs near the center of the table. Due to the movement and night fighting, there wasn't any real shooting.

All three of my Assault squads landed this turn, and I kept them together to conserve kill points and be a more significant assault threat. I dropped together on the left to threaten his Immortals and Ghost Arks.

He used one of his solar pulses this turn, so I repositioned my Devastators in their building for a better shooting position. In the Necron turn, he advanced his Immortals into ruins but was still out of range and drifted his Arks forward. The Monolith dropped perfectly into building just to my Assault squad's right. Anrakyr flew over my most forward Assault squad, and rolled a 6 to hit so allocated the hit to my Sanguinary Priest. Thankfully, he rolled a 1 to wound. He opened fire on the same squad from Annihilation Barge and Ghost Ark, inflicting lots of hits but few kills thanks to FNP. The Monolith particle whipped the second squad, killing five of them.

My turn 3 started off with my Terminators failing to show up. Worrying that the battle would be over before they arrived, I used Corbulo's re-roll to make sure they arrived, I tried to drop them in front of my Assault squad with Reclusiarch to threaten the Immortals and Ghost Ark, but the scattered to the right and landed in the building in front of the Monolith. They failed three dangerous terrain tests, but their storm shields kept them all alive. My forward two Assault squads jumped toward the Monolith to meltagun it, while the rear Assault squad jumped to the left to meltagun Anrakyr's Command Barge. My opponent had used his last solar pulse, so both of my Devastator squads failed to see his Scarabs. I destroyed the Monolith and immobilized Anrakyr's Barge, but he took a wound to repair it. The squad then assaulted him but failed to cause any damage. My Librarian cast Blood Lance to try and kill some scarabs, but they passed their cover save.

 He continued to rain firepower on my forward Assault squad, killing everyone except for a single meltagunner that fell back. Anrakyr drove over the squad attacking him, but didn't cause any damage. Then the scarabs assaulted the Terminators. Between all 20 bases, they rolled 100 attacks (and scored exactly 50 hits, but over 30 wounds!). Because they assaulted into cover, they struck simultaneously with the Terminators. The Librarian cast Unleash Rage and scored a single wound. The Terminators then scored a respectable 7 insta-killing wounds, enough to turn the combat in my favor, but I rolled five 1's to wound and only killed two bases. In response, the Scarabs killed 2 Terminators.

In my turn, the survivor from the Reclusiarch's squad and the rear squad surrounded Anrakyr while the other squad jumped over the wreckage of the Monolith to get in range of a Ghost Ark. I destroyed Anrakyr's Barge and he took a wound, and my Devastators, finally free to shoot, destroyed the Ghost Ark. My Assault squad failed their difficult terrain test to assault Anrakyr (I rolled two 2's when I needed a 3) but my other squad charged into the Warriors that had spilled out of the Ghost Ark. They totally whiffed, killing only 2. In the meantime, the scarabs killed off the surviving Terminators.

In his turn, the Scarabs moved to counter-assault my Assault squad attacking the Warriors while the Immortals teleported to shoot at the squad surrounding Anrakyr (they lost 3 to dangerous terrain, but the all stood back up). They killed a few, and the Scarabs charged in and wiped out the Assault marines. Anrakyr charged the Assault squad and was cut down before he could strike.

In my turn 5, I charged my last Assault squad into the Immortals, while the lone survivor with a meltagun jumped to the right in an attempt to preserve his kill point. My Assault squad made a decent number of kills, but most of them stood back up. The Devastators took some shots at the Scarabs, but were unable to make a dent through their cover saves.

In the last turn of the game, he disembarked the Warriors from his last Ghost Ark and charged into the combat to try and wipe out the Assault squad while the Scarabs used their beastly speed to catch and kill my lone meltagunner. My Assault squad survived and the game ended. I believe the final count was 7 KPs to the Necrons and 4 KPs to the Blood Angels.

Lessons Learned:
1) My list has no way to deal with night fight. Normally this isn't a problem because it only applies to the first turn of Dawn of War, and my Devastators can't fire anyway since they have to walk on. Against Necrons, this can cause problems. My Devastators couldn't fire until turn 4, and the rest of my army had to operate without their fire support. That didn't work out well.

2) The Ghost Ark is a great gunship. I frankly underestimated it as just a transport, and I wasn't too worried about the 10 Warriors inside. If it moves 6", it can put out 30 gauss flayer shots between the Ark and its squad. That is nasty.

3) I put too much effort into catching and killing Anrakyr. Command Barges are intimidating, but the damage he could do to infantry was negligible. If he disembarked to actually charge, he would be unsupported and easily killed (as happened this game). I should have ignored him and advanced into the Necron firebase. Note: the few hits the Command Barge can inflict as it flies over a unit are pretty weak against infantry but they will destroy vehicles. If you need to protect vehicles, they should be a top priority.

Overall, it was a great game and a learning experience for both me and my opponent. Neither of us were familiar with the new Necrons so there were lots of surprises on both sides. That said, he played well and whittled my army down with tons of firepower. I wasn't aggressive enough and wasted too much time and manpower chasing around Anrakyr.


  1. Great report. Thanks for the lessons learned. I have not yet played against the new Necrons.

  2. Hey this is Chris, your Necron opponent for this round of the tournament.I appreciate you bearing with me on rules as that was only the third time i had played my Necrons. I just wanted to say that playing against you was one of the funniest games of 40k i've ever played. You have a beautiful army, and a keen grasp of your armies rules and workings, making for a fun but tough game. I look forward to playing with you in the future.

    P.S. I can't believe how detailed this battle report is considering that you didn't take any notes that i saw, your memory is quite good.

  3. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by! No worries about "bearing with you." It's a brand new codex and Necrons are more complicated than most. I really look forward to playing against yours again (or whatever army you bring).

    As for the detailed battle report, thanks again. I wrote them all up pretty soon after the tournament so they were still fresh in my memory. Th pictures really help too, since I can know where everything was at certain points and just have to remember what happened to connect them.

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