Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing a New Author: Dardreg Gargant

Hi All. I'm very pleased to welcome a new author to the Librarium. He's an old friend of mine that started playing 40K at the same time I did, back in 1998. I hope he'll be writing regularly, and I'll put his articles in green so readers know it's him. I'll let him introduce himself.

To all who read these words, I bid greetings.  My name for the purposes of the internet shall be Dardreg Gargant.  I will be occasionally writing a post or two for the Codicier from time to time to help him keep up numbers and reader interest while he operates within his own time constraints.  To that end, let me tell you about myself and my gaming life.  Mainly I play 40k with some dips into fantasy, Warmahordes, Necromunda, and Mordheim. 

I am a terrible gamer.  When I say that, I mean I am terrible because I have a tendency to be distracted by cool and interesting new things so I almost never finish an army.  In fact, this is so bad that over the course of a decade plus of gaming I have never taken a 40k list beyond 1500pts.  Partially this is because of a predilection I have for small points level games.  The other portion of this is mainly because of the fiscal restrictions I continually find myself operating within..  Hence the plethora of skirmish level games in my game listing above. In future articles, I’ll talk about how to deal with both of these challenges.

            Other things that I like and will focus on are:

  1. Xenos.  I love them so much, but everyone says that they aren't as good as imperials, etc., etc.
  2. Small points level games.  As they say, one must have discipline in the small before the large. Additionally nobody is throwing out “sacrifical” suicide squads at 1k (except grots).
  3. Elite and super elite lists.  Lots of models are not so fun for me. 
  4. Playing with weak codexes.  I like this because it allows for a very silly style of play and nobody will ever call you beardy.  I used to like Deathwing before they got FAQ'ed. Now they are a bunch of dumb kid win lists at tournaments.
  5. Unconventional but effective units.
  6. Beating up on the super armies of the internet (min/maxed invincible on paper stuff) and tournament scene (strong codexes, and strong units applied by competitive individuals) .  This applies to both bashing and actually murdering them on the tabletop.
So what armies do I play?  I have a Deathwing army that I don't really play anymore.  I love Daemons and would collect them for the fluff and look alone.  I have enough of those to break the 1500pt stipulation from paragraph 1, except that it would violate a force org chart first.  Additionally I have a Dark Eldar kill team, some Salamanders from back when they weren't the slutted out build of the Vanilla dex, and finally my last and most recent addition: Minotaurs.  Now, when you look over this list you will notice that there is quite a bit that violates like #1.  This is exclusively for two reasons: 1) I was young once too, and 2) Xenos are never cheaply and readily available via second hand sources and also suffer from a lack of interchangeability amongst models; in a word imperial lists (except IG) are “cheaper” to build than almost anything else. 

Anyhow my current effort is put toward building a Minotaur list using Codex: SW.  This you will notice violates nearly the whole list above, including 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Some of those are eye of the beholder, but I is the beholder.  Moving on, my reasons for this playing outside of my aforementioned interests are as follows:
  1. I wanted a Badab war chapter,
  2. A bunch of better equipped SM designed to beat down other SM, where else could I turn?,
  3. I want to play in some double tournaments with the Codicier next year, and need an army (the Daemons having been sidelined by the GK), and
  4. They are cheap and easy to build and assemble, and finally
  5. Nothing would make me happier than knocking off some SW players with their own super-awesome dex. 
Anyway that is me D. Gargant.  More to follow, as the situation allows.  Until then just remember that FNP and furious charge army wide isn't unreasonable when everybody else has warpquake and countercharge on troop slots.   

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