Sunday, December 4, 2011

Executioners Sternguard

Here are the first of my Forgeworld Marines, being the first half of my first Sternguard squad. I decided that this squad would be from the First Company (Executioners also have one Sternguard squad in each Battle Company, replacing a Devastator squad) because 6 of the 8 members are wearing MkIV armor, which is the best mark of power armor. This half of the squad includes the special weapons, two combi-meltas and two heavy flamers.

 Finally, there's this guy. He's not one of the current Forgeworld MkIV. I got the torso and head in a bulk bitz purchase and I'm not sure where it's from. Maybe an older Forgeworld model. Wherever he's from, he's the last model I needed to make two even squads of eight. Since he was more of a kitbash than the others, I decided to give him one of the Deathwatch shoulder pads I've accumulated.

I tried to follow the Veteran color scheme from Imperial Armour as closely as possible. This means golden backpacks and face plates. I thought it might look kind of goofy on actual models, but I like how it came out.

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