Monday, December 12, 2011

Blood Angels 1,850 List Breakdown

Next weekend, there will be a 1,850 point, three game tournament at my FLGS, and I’m planning on attending. I thought this would be a good time to talk about my 1,850 Blood Angels list and how I build it. First, this isn’t the most efficient list I could probably make. This is a trade-off between efficiency and what I have painted. I’m taking a fully painted army, and I want to be a contender for best painted. I’m not sure how competitive I’ll be in the games (though I’m planning on taking it seriously), but I think I’ve got a good shot at best painted.

Here’s the list.

Reclusiarch w/ jump pack

Librarian w/ Terminator armor, storm bolter, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

10 Assault Marines w/ power fist, 2 meltaguns

5 Assault Terminators w/ 5 pairs of thunder hammers and storm shields

Sanguinary Priest w/ power sword, jump pack

Sanguinary Priest w/ power sword, jump pack

Brother Corbulo

5 Devastators w/ 4 missile launchers

6 Devastators w/ 2 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons

Total: 1,846

This lists functions as three separate yet interdependent wings. First, the Devastator squads and Corbulo deploy in cover. Their main goal is to take out any tanks that can threaten my Assault squads (anything with AP3- blasts) and destroy transports so my Assault squads have infantry to assault when they land. These perform a vital role, as they force the enemy to take cover so they can’t just castle up to receive my deep strikers. The Devastators break up their castle and soften them up for the Assault squads. Corbulo provides them with durability, some resistance to assault, and performs a vital role for the Terminators.

The Assault Terminators and the Librarian drop in aggressively. Their job is to act as an anchor for my Assault squads. The main weakness I have found for the Assault marines is if they get assaulted after they deep strike. It robs them of their hitting power and mobility. The Assault Terminators block for the Assault squads, putting themselves in the way of enemy assaulters. No one wants to charge into THSS Terminators, especially when there are Assault squads waiting to counter-assault. The Librarian gives me some psychic defense, gives the squad some shooting power when it deep strikes with Blood Lance, and increases their hitting power with Unleash Rage. Corbulo allows me to re-roll a poor reserve roll or scatter roll for these squads, making this squad much more reliable.

The final piece, and the one that really deals the damage, is the Assault squads, joined by two Priests and the Reclusiarch. Thirty furious charging, feel no pain Assault marines, ten of which also re-roll failed “to hits” on the charge, will hit like a freight train. The key here is to guarantee that they get the charge and keep their momentum. The other two wings of this army are dedicated to making sure this happens.
Well, that’s the theory. I’ll let you all know how it works out.

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  1. This is exactly the kind of list that I am trying to run. I am still getting my Marines geared up. I am off to read your battle reports from the tourney.


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