Friday, November 25, 2011

High Executioner Tytos Solomon Background

Following the self-imposed exile of Chapter Master Arkash Hakkon at the start of the Badab War, the position of High Executioner remained vacant and Lord Speaker of the Dead Thulsa Kane held command of the chapter. At the conclusion of the Badab War, the Executioners were placed on a one-hundred year penitent crusade.

Having fulfilled their oath to the Astral Claws and received their punishment for their role in the rebellion, Thulsa Kane declared that the time had come for a new High Executioner. By tradition, the position was open to any company Captain and would be determined by combat. The Captain of the second company, Donalt Arkhan, was the first to declare his claim, and he was quickly followed by the eighth company Captain, Hamon Thoth-Kapara,  immediately declared their intention to fight for the title. Next to speak was Tytos Solomon, Captain of the fourth company. After the grim declaration by the black-cloaked Astartes, no further claimants came forward.

The three claimants entered the training arena in the depths of Darkenvault, unarmored and each armed only with a Headsman’s Axe, one of the massive double-edged power axes preferred by the Executioners. With Thulsa Kane, Chief Librarian Thoth-Amon, and the remaining Captains looking on, the three Captains began to battle for command of their Chapter. The fight lasted only eight minutes, and at the end, Solomon had taken Thoth-Kapara’s head and Arkhan’s right arm. He presented these prizes to Thulsa Kane as token of his victory. The first company captain, Amra the Lion, nodded approvingly as the Lord Speaker of the Dead raised Tytos Solomon to High Executioner and presented him with Lifetaker. Solomon shook his head and declared that he would not carry the relic weapon until the Executioners has completed their penitent crusade.

High Executioner Solomon is a grim figure, even for an Executioner. No living Executioner can remember having seen him smile or heard him laugh, and he speaks of little save the duties and honor of his Chapter. Though no Executioner can call him friend, Solomon is universally respected as a excellent strategist and more than capable battlefield commander. His aggression is tempered by his tremendous experience and cynically cautious nature. He is widely considered the second best warrior in the Chapter, eclipsed only by the massive First Captain. Solomon is always at the forefront of the Chapter’s assault, eager to wash away his Chapter’s sins with the blood of traitors and xenos.

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