Monday, November 21, 2011

High Executioner Tytos Solomon

I know I haven't posted anything about my Executioners in a few weeks, but they are being worked on. Here, I present my conversion for High Executioner Tytos Solomon. He will act as a counts as Pedro Kantor for my Executioners, and I expect to use him quite a bit (I really like Sternguard).

As I'm basing my army on Robert E. Howard's work, I decided to base my Chapter Master on my favorite character, Solomon Kane. That's why the model has fairly unadorned armor and a significant amount of black. As a puritan, Solomon would avoid any unnecessary decoration.

I did my best to make him fit the part of Pedro Kantor, and I think he looks about right. I'm hoping my opponents won't have any problems with me using him on the table. I've written up a bit of background for my High Executioner, which I'll post up later this week.


  1. As Warflake said "Excellent Work" I can't see why anyone would have a problem with him being used as a count as. All you have to say is that the axe is a two handed relic weapon that doubles his strength aka like a powerfist.
    Great work and I look forward to reading the fluff.

    ps. I'm off to get a Solomon Kane book as you've sparked my interest in it. Thank you.

  2. Thanks! Throughout the rest of my army, I'm counting large, double-bladed axes as power fists. I'm hoping it won't cause any problems as I'm being consistent, but I've always been militantly WYSIWYG, so this is unknown territory for me.

    I'm always happy to spark interest in my favorite authors. Del Rey has a complete paperback collection of the stories, entitled " The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane." I would suggest that one, and it's pretty affordable if I remember correctly.

  3. That's really neat. Now I want to see Solomon Kane as a Witch Hunter...

  4. That would certainly be most appropriate. I'm staying far away from Grey Knights, so that will be up to other players to explore.


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