Monday, October 24, 2011

Magnetizing a Predator

Magnetizing a standard Predator actually turns out to be a lot easier than a Baal Predator. I set it up to switch between both turret weapons and both sets of sponson weapons. I ran out of magnets before I could set it up to run without sponsons, but that could be done the same way as on the Baal Predator.

I assembled the Predator hull and glued the sponson mounts on. I then glued the two halves of the turret together and assembled the weapons. Then cut the knobs off the weapons, so that the weapons can slide in and out of the turret. I glued a larger magnet to the inside of the top of the turret and shaved the rear end of the weapons flat and glued a 1/8" diamter, 1/32" thick magnet to the back. The end result looks like this:

I then cut bottom off the sponson mount that attaches to the gun and glued a 1/8" magnet to it.

I then assembled the sponson guns, drilled out a space for a magnet in the center of the opening for the sponson mount, and then glued the magnet in. I then used green stuff to fill in the gaps on either side of the magnet.

And that's that. You can now assemble the Predator with any combination of turret and sponson weapons.

That concludes my series on magnetizing Predators. I hope it was helpful.

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