Friday, October 21, 2011

Magnetizing a Baal Predator

I just magnetized two Baal Predators, so I decided to write a short tutorial based on the second one (the first was more of a learning experience). The instructions below will let you switch the turret weapons, as well as add and remove heavy bolter sponsons. I didn't bother with the heavy flamer sponsons as (A) they would be a difficult switch, and (B) I don't expect to ever use heavy flamer sponsons.

First, assemble the full hull and sponsons. Assemble the weapons and ammo hoppers for the turret but leave the turret in pieces, as shown below.

It's now necessary to put some spacers in so that the magnets can make contact. For this I used 1 mm thick sheet styrene. Spacers should be placed on the inside of the side hatches (4 layers thick), the doors on the hull (1 layer thick), and the bottom of the gun mounting (1 layer thick). Placement is shown on the pictures below.

 It's now time to glue on the magnets. I used 1/8" diameter, 1/32" thick magnets for everything except the turret weapons, where I used 1/16" diameter, 1/32" thick magnets. 

In order to attach the ammo hoppers to the back of the turret, you'll have to countersink the magnets. I used a 1/8" router bit for my dremel, but any 1/8" drill bit will work. I placed the magnets directly between the two pegs on the main turret.

Finally, you need to add the top of the weapon cowling. However, the front part of the cowling will prevent you from sliding the assault cannon and flamestorm cannon in and out. You can just cut this piece off, as shown.

Now you can fully assemble the turret.

And that's it. You now have a fully magnetized Baal Predator, capable of switching between the solo flamestorm cannon and the assault cannon turret with heavy bolter sponsons.

Next up will be an article on magnetizing a standard Predator, which turns out to be much simpler.

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