Saturday, October 29, 2011

Executioners Characters: Darnath Lysander

Lysander is the final option for a character that grants the army Stubborn and thus is most fitting of the Executioner’s background. Lysander costs 25 more points than the other options, but has a significantly better statline and superior wargear. He has the standard Captain stats, but gains an additional wound. Combined with Eternal Warrior, terminator army, and a storm shield, this makes him exceedingly hard to kill. He combines this with a strength 10 thunder hammer that gets a bonus when hitting vehicles. He doesn’t throw out many attacks, but what he hits, he destroys.

He comes with several oddball rules. While Kane and Kantor both rely on their special rules to justify their points costs, Lysander’s cost is based on his durability and hitting power with some gravy on the side. First is Bolster Defenses, which he shares with the Techmarines. This is great if you have any ruins in your deployment zone, as it grants a superior cover save to any shooty infantry squad you have. It works particularly well with Scout with camo cloaks, which get a 2+ cover save.

Second, he has Bolter Drill, which allows any squad he joins to re-roll missed to-hit rolls with bolters, bolt pistols, heavy bolters, and storm bolters. I’ve seem some people really try to get the most out of this rule by joining Lysander to Sternguard or Devastator squads. These are squads that you really don’t want to get in assault while you desperately want to get Lysander into assault as early as possible; the ability to re-roll misses is not even close to worth 200 points. In my experience, Lysander is at his best when joined to either Assault Terminators or Terminators. When joined to Assault Terminators and riding in a Land Raider, Lysander gets into assault as quickly as possible and really earns his place. In addition, he and the Assault Terminators are both dangerous enough that they can split up and go after different enemy squads. Pairing him with standard Terminators is a more flexible choice; they provide good firepower (and benefit from Bolter Drill) while Lysander gives them more hitting power and durability by taking any low AP shots on his storm shield.

Lysander is first and foremost an assault monster. He can damage any enemy you send him up against and he can take whatever they can dish out (unless they’re a squad of Death Cult Assassins, but then no one can handle that). His other contributions to the army are limited, so don’t concentrate on them. Get him into assault and let him do what he does best.

Also, Lysander is the only character in the codex appropriate to represent Conan, and that counts for a lot in my book.


  1. I think him with like 10 regular Terminators with some 2 Cyclones would be a great rock unit and am playing around with lists to fit that in. He's a great character and my complaints are minor with him. Just such a beast.

  2. heh. bolter spam: 10x Sternguard, ALL w/ storm bolters, Vet Sgt w/ PF and meltabombs, joined by Lysander and in a Crusader. MOAR DAKKA.

  3. Sounds like a fun unit, but sadly Sternguard can only use their special ammo with boltguns, so lose it if given storm bolters. I also think it would be a bit of a waste to out such a shooty unit in a Land Raider.

    I would take 10 Sternguard, with a power fist and possibly a few combi-weapons, and Lysander in a Drop Pod. That way they get to the enemy immediately and their short range isn't an issue. If the enemy wants to assault the squad, they have to deal with Lysander. It would be a tough unit to deal with as the rest of your army closes in, kind of a Space Marine equivalent of the Loganbomb.


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