Friday, September 9, 2011

Tutorial: 10th Squad Insignia

Today, I thought that I would take a break from writing tactics and army lists (which have been my dominant posts lately since I haven't had much time to paint). This will be a quick tutorial on free-handing the squad insignia for the 10th squad of a Blood Angels Company. Of course, it will also work for the 9th squad if you reverse the colors.

First, paint the knee pad (or just a circle on the knee area of the greave) yellow. I start with a base of Iyanden Darksun and then a couple layers of Golden Yellow.

Then paint a black circle with in the inside lower corner of the knee pad. After that, paint a curving line from the circle up to the inside upper corner of the knee pad, like this:

After that, paint three thin lines leftward from the the original line. The top line should start at the top of the original line and extend to the outer upper corner of the knee pad. The next two should be evenly spaced between the top line and the black circle, each a bit shorter than the one above it. Remember to keep these lines as thin as you can at this stage.

Now, go back to those lines and thicken them to give them the final shape. Essentially, the thin line you just painted should form the top of the feather, and you should thicken them below. Keep the tips of the feathers thin and thicken the bases the most.

As you can see on the pictures above, it's hard to do this without making some of the feathers too thick. In the last case, there really isn't any yellow between them. This leads us to our last step. Take Golden Yellow and clean up the insignia, paying special attention to the yellow area between the feathers. Without that, the wings just don't look right. Use multiple layers of thin yellow. It'll take a few to cover the black. This leaves you with the final product:

In my opinion, this is the hardest of the squad symbols to paint. Like most freehand, it's manageable if you break it up into small steps. Remember that at the distance that you're painting (and the distance these pictures are taken from) it will be difficult to get the insignia to look perfect. However, small imperfections mean a lot less when from a foot away, and almost nothing at the distance we see miniatures on the tabletop. Small touches like this really can make an army look impressive without too much extra effort and no extra expense.

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  1. Nice tutorial! was thinking about just how to paint that the other day on my Knights of Blood Tactical Marine.


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