Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One of the biggest advantages of the Space Marine codex is the large number of special characters that can change how your army plays. All of these characters work best with armies tailored to their strengths. I’ll probably discuss the other characters later, but I want to start out with the characters that give the army Stubborn, the official chapter trait of the Imperial Fists and all of their successors, including the Executioners.

First, I want to discuss Stubborn. Essentially, it allows you to ignore negative modifiers to your leadership. Stubborn is bets used when you need to tie up enemy units despite taking heavy casualties. It works best when there are a few models with killing power in a large squad. The best example of this is the Imperial Guard blob squad with Commissar. It has the numbers to soak up wounds and multiple power weapon wielding sergeants. Even though they will lose every combat, they will eventually wipe out smaller numbers of elite troops.

You may be thinking that this doesn’t sound much like Space Marines. With a maximum squad size of 10 marines, any squad that can inflict enough casualties to make Stubborn useful will just rip through a marine squad. It may keep your power fist wielding sergeant in combat an extra turn, but that’s it. In most circumstances, Stubborn is inferior to Combat Tactics. Fortunately, all of the Fist characters come with other advantages to make up for their weak Chapter Tactic.

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