Friday, September 2, 2011

Executioners Tactica: Part 5: Librarians

Librarians are a common HQ choice in Space Marine armies, as well as Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Grey Knights armies. The first reason for this is that they have psychic hoods, which provide the only psychic defense marines can access. Given the prevalence of psychic powers and how dangerous they are some of the newer codices, any chance to thwart enemy psykers is worth it.

Aside from a few powers that grant cover saves, Space Wolf and Blood Angel Librarians are very offensive. Similar to Grey Knight Librarians, Space Marine Librarians are support characters rather than damage dealers. They do have some abilities to inflict damage. Smite, Avenger, Machine Curse, and Vortex of Doom all give some decent shooting attacks while Quickening and Might of Ancients buff their assault abilities. However, none of these powers are amazing. All of the shooting powers except Machine Curse are very short range, and the assault powers don’t make up for the Librarian’s weak statline. That eliminates six of nine powers, but the remaining three powers are really good.

Force Dome is an excellent power, giving the Librarian and his squad a 5+ invulnerable save. This is superior to the more common powers that give a cover save simply because there are a lot of circumstances where cover saves can’t be used. First and foremost is close-combat. This power is particularly useful for Veterans in power armor, as Terminators already have a 5+ invulnerable save.

The Gate of Infinity allows the Librarian and his unit to move 24” via deep strike. This gives tremendous mobility to a single unit very cheaply. It’s best used with shooting units, as they can fire to full effect after deep striking. Generally, this means Sternguard and standard Terminators. However, it can be used to transport Assault Terminators into the enemy’s face if you don’t want to pay the points for a Land Raider.

I saved the best for last; Null Zone is an amazing power for taking out enemy super units. Almost all serious assault units, be they Assault Terminators, Thunderwolves, Paladins, or Daemons of all shapes and sizes, rely on invulnerable saves to allow them to laugh off enemy power weapons. Null Zone takes that away from them. A unit of Assault Terminators supported by a Null Zone Librarian will walk through any other assault unit in the game.


  1. Your just making my decision even harder sir haha.

    I really do have to start optimizing my lists a little better.

    Maybe you can give me a little advice on that ?

  2. Not a problem. I think I missed your last post about your army lists, but I'll see if I can find it and hopefully help a bit.

  3. there ya go man.


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