Monday, September 19, 2011

Executioners Rhinos

Having finished my squad of Devastators for the Blood Angels, I turned to my Executioners and the Rhinos for my Tactical squads. They were painted in the same way as the the Tactical Marines, though I had to thin the wash 1:1 with water in order to get even coverage on such large, flat plates. Even so, it came out splotchy in a few places. I was able to hide this by stippling Boltgun Metal over the offending areas.

I wanted the Rhinos to have trophies and honors for the squad they carry covering them. As such, they are decorated with lots of skulls and scrolls. My personal favorite is the Tyranid Warrior head. I painted it in the colors of Hive Fleet Kraken, assuming the Executioners would have wanted revenge for the mauling their late allies, the Lamenters, took at the hands of the Tyranids.

Rhino One:

 Rhino Two:

 As you may have noticed, these are my first attempts to use weathering powders to make my models look dirty. They didn't come out as nicely as some other models I have seen, but it's workable for my first attempts. I also applied it to my Tactical Marines.

That's two squads and transports down. I just started painting a squad of Sniper Scouts for my Executioners, so they should be up next.

Comments and suggestions on these latest models are very welcome. These are both my first metallic tanks and my first work with weathering powders, so I'm very interested in feedback.


  1. They look pretty damn good to me. I am also trying out weathering on my marines and agree that its not as easy as it looks to get the amount of weathering correct.

  2. Everything looks great, one suggestion though, how about a chapter badge on the rhinos? It will add some color.

  3. Thanks! The chapter badge was actually something I wanted to see if anyone noticed. Once I finished all the details on the Rhinos, I thought about doing some freehand and realized I hadn't left any prominent flat areas to put a badge.

    However, it seems really wrong to have a vehicle without the chapter badge on it since Marines won't even cover the badge on their shoulder. Not having any badge at all would certainly anger the machine spirit.

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to put it?

  4. Awesome work my friend.. it was a suprise to see the i actually did the same thing as you. Using the WOC head.. love your work... Hope you dont mind me using some of your methods.


  5. By the way what color combination did you use for your rhino... really love the color. Feel free to drop by

  6. Thanks! I'm happy to see someone else mixing the WOC kits with Space Marines. I stole the idea from Goatboy's Word Bearers. Your Executioners look more barbaric than mine with all the chaos hand weapons. Are you using the Space Wolves rules for them?

    The Rhino color was done the same as my marines, just watering down the wash more. I heavily drybrush the model with boltgun metal and then lightly drybrush with mithril silver. I then wash is with a 4:1 mix of Stormcloud: Sapphire washes, both from Secret Weapon miniatures. For large models like tanks, I mix the wash with equal parts water. Marines get about 2 coats and the Rhinos get 4.

    I'd be very pleased if you used my methods. Please keep me posted on your progress.

  7. Im not following the SW rules.. just basic SM codex with the BAdab War characters for FW. My Executioner need to be wash more i guess to make them look more worn like your.. a veteran look. I guess the wash you use from secret weapon gave them a diffrent look.. i going to try later.mine looks to shiny.. :)

  8. Ah, mine looked shiny too just after applying the wash. I finished everything up with a coat of matte varnish (I used Testors Dullcote but any should work) and that kills the shine.


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