Friday, September 23, 2011

Executioners Characters: Thulsa Kane

Thulsa Kane is the official special character for the Executioners, and one of three characters granting Stubborn. He is by far the best Chaplain available to Space Marines, with the statline of a Captain (minus one point of initiative) matched with the special rules of a Chaplain. While other Chaplains are far better at complimenting their squad than inflicting damage on their own, Thulsa Kane has the statline to inflict a few casualties himself.

Thulsa’s equipment continues the trend of increased assault ability. He carries a relic blade, which I’m quite pleased with considering that my Blood Angels don’t have access to them and they’re awesome. He also wears a suit of artificer armor that gives him Eternal Warrior. With a 2+ armor save, 4+ invulnerable save, and Eternal Warrior, Thulsa Kane is extremely durable. While he has 4 WS6 S6 power weapon attacks with re-rolls to hit on the charge, he’s only initiative 4, so he will be taking some hits.

He has the standard rules for a Chaplain to support his squad, Honor of the Chapter and Liturgies of Battle. These are solid rules, and Thulsa Kane brings a few additional ones. First, his squad can re-roll armor saves as a result of No Retreat! wounds. This is nice, but you shouldn’t be losing a lot of combats with Thulsa Kane and an appropriate support squad. Also, he allows all friendly models within 12”  to re-roll 1s to wound. This is far more useful, but is at its best when combined with models with power fists, since they only fail to wound on a 1. It’s a bit annoying that this ability targets individual models rather than squads, as it slows down gameplay a bit.

Thulsa Kane is far less flexible than the other Fist characters. All of his equipment and abilities are bent toward crushing enemies in assault, and Thulsa Kane has little to offer any other aspect of your army. However, he’s quite dangerous on his own and provides great support to his squad. I find that’s he’s used best with Terminators, as their power fists or thunder hammers benefit the most from his re-rolls to wound. A unit of Terminators led by Thulsa Kane will re-roll all of its to hit and to wound rolls. In addition, Thulsa can absorb high strength, low AP wounds due to his invulnerable save and Eternal Warrior.

While Thulsa Kane is the most fluffy character for Executioners, he is also the weakest choice for his points. That said, he’s still a viable assault threat.


  1. That is a cool dude, is the to wound thing just for close combat, or for all ones to wound?

  2. Sadly, no. His aura of re-rolling 1's to wound only works in assault. If it worked for shooting, it would make him a much more flexible character.

  3. I just did a Google search for "Executioners Space Marines", and your Thulsa Kane was on the first page of images. Congratulations, I award you one internets, you may redeem it at anytime for two inter-webs.

  4. Excellent! It's nice to know that my posts are getting easier to find. I had wondered why this specific post was getting so many hits.


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